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any names ruined for you??

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FayeAspen Tue 02-Feb-21 19:59:11

Me and DH are expecting a DD soon and have been trying to think of names. Many names DH comes up with are just off limits for me because people i've know in my life (usually people who haven't had a great time knowing), but it can be frustrating when the names themselves are quite pretty. Just wondered if and what people's big no names are because of people you know. Mine are Avery, Vivienne and Willow!

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Teamox Tue 02-Feb-21 20:01:59

As a teacher, far far far too many!

FayeAspen Tue 02-Feb-21 20:11:13


As a teacher, far far far too many!

i can only imagine grin

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rc22 Tue 02-Feb-21 21:35:27

Isla. Also liked Elsa but ruined by Frozen!!

HenriettaHeffalump Tue 02-Feb-21 21:38:12

Oh yes Elsa due to Frozen. That's true. I know a lovely adult Elsa who is French and definitely older than Frozen!

For me, it's the names of ghastly relatives blush. Anyone else I can usually disassociate the name from the person, but relatives, I can't.

EuphieKat Wed 03-Feb-21 01:32:16

Also a teacher, so lots! I’ve also really disliked the name Amanda since I was in infants school as there was a horrible ‘bigger girl’ called Amanda who used to pick on me. Also Craig because of a boy in primary school who wasn’t very nice. I’m sure there are lots of lovely Craigs and Amanda’s, though!

ParkheadParadise Wed 03-Feb-21 01:45:17

I always liked that name until I met a carer in the care home my mum was in. She was bloody vile I hated her.
When pregnant with dd2, DH suggested this name because I liked it I nearly took his head off.

Synchrony Wed 03-Feb-21 10:15:54

The name of my ex's awful mother. It's a shame because her name is really nice and when I was school age it was on my future-child-name list.

I guess I wouldn't use Karen at the moment, but I like the name and find it really sad, and also offensive, the way it's become a meme. I never use it in that way.

steppemum Wed 03-Feb-21 10:24:04

It is usually either someone I knew or someone famous!

But as a ex teacher, there are many

Daniel - great name, but I knew too many awful ones in school

Hushabyelullaby Wed 03-Feb-21 13:10:55

When I was younger friends of the family had a daughter whose name was beautiful, but has forever been spoiled for me because she was the most obnoxious, bratty, child I have ever come across.

Her name was Dominique.

ostrichlover Wed 03-Feb-21 22:05:41

Can’t stand the name Evie due to multiple bad experiences. There was a bully in my primary school called Evie (who we all called evil Evie) as well as a very rude Evie in my sixth form. Also every Ellie/ Eleanor/Elinor (yes, I’ve met multiple of each) I’ve come across has been very annoying or rude, so that’s put me off. Must be something about the Es (my name and dd both start with an E so please no one take offence 😂)

danascully96 Wed 03-Feb-21 22:12:52

These are the "bully" names for me:


OH, and I can never ever use the name Luka. I think of Luka Magnotta, who makes my stomach turn.


Claire (this one's for a silly reason, not related to bullying)

intheenddoesitreallymatter Wed 03-Feb-21 22:14:56

Jessica - I’ve never met one who isn’t a complete arsehole.

Marlena1 Wed 03-Feb-21 22:21:19

There's a name that keeps gettimg mentioned on name threads out of nowhere recently. It is absolutely vile and I cannot imagine it on a baby. When I was young it was for really crass old ladies (with stockings). We would use it as an insult joking.

grandmasterstitch Wed 03-Feb-21 22:31:51

Amelia is ruined because of working in a boarding school. We had over 100 girls in house but that's the only name that really got ruined. Also we had Nora on our list last time but our batty neighbour is called Norma which has put us off rather

grandmasterstitch Wed 03-Feb-21 22:32:27

@Marlena1 ha just read your post. Nora!

Itsjustaride8w737 Wed 03-Feb-21 22:37:17

Jasmine - school bully
Jodie - another bully
Rosie - love it but an ex has a dd called this

Allgirlskidsanddogs Wed 03-Feb-21 22:44:12

Jessica and Martha, both bullies.

Symphony87 Wed 03-Feb-21 23:04:59

I once met a girl called Isis when I was a teenager and thought it was pretty. Can’t use that now 😂

Peter - my uncle who abused me
Robin - I love this but I know someone with this name and they’re an infuriating self declared narcissist 😂

Changedname81 Thu 04-Feb-21 21:01:38

I’m a massive watcher / reader of true crime so there are so so many - all these people calling their kids Ted and my mind just screams Bundy

Same as Fred / Rose / Sam

Btw I realise this is just my weird head

Hushabyelullaby Thu 04-Feb-21 22:12:46


I’m a massive watcher / reader of true crime so there are so so many - all these people calling their kids Ted and my mind just screams Bundy

Same as Fred / Rose / Sam

Btw I realise this is just my weird head

I'm totally with you there!

micc Thu 04-Feb-21 22:30:21

So sad but Alexa 💔 I love that name. DD would of been Alexa if it weren't for bloody Amazon.

Molly is a name that I despise. I knew a girl in school how wasnt very nice with that name, and my aunt had a horrible cat that used to scratch and bite everyone but her.. her name was Molly. Also dislike Polly haha

MooseBreath Thu 04-Feb-21 22:41:57

Yes, I've known some really unkind people. I could never use:
Victoria (or any of it's diminutives)

Untradwife Thu 04-Feb-21 22:56:24

I can't abide the names Sharon, Kylie, Diana/Diane. Also children named after alcoholic drinks. The world really doesn't need to know that you were pissed on Brandy/chardonnay or Baileys during conceptionangry
When I was pregnant, DH suggested Oliver for a boy. I vetoed it as invariably Oliver gets shortened to Ollie. We had a girl and her name means little star in my native languagesmile

StillGoingToWork Thu 04-Feb-21 23:11:06

I liked Genevieve and always wanted to name dd it. DH said no cos it was the name of an old girlfriend.

He suggested Rebecca but I blocked it cos Rebecca at school was a total bitch to me.

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