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Popularity aside, thoughts on Lily?

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Hightide1 Mon 25-Jan-21 18:55:17

Just as the title says really. I know Lily is very popular but what do people think? I love that it's simple, classic and doesn't particularly stereotype a person (imo Lily could be from any class - for want of a better description, and age as it has been popular for some time). BUT I do care what people think, so please share your honest opinion.

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YoniAndGuy Mon 25-Jan-21 18:58:54

Honestly - very, very boring and just a tiny bit downmarket, because it's so popular, but also not classic in the way Rose is. I wouldn't say it's really classic at all - until the very recent popularity, I would have had it pegged as working class wartime kind of name. Diamond Lil!

Hightide1 Mon 25-Jan-21 19:09:05

@YoniAndGuy haha well I did ask for honesty! People don't tell you in real life. Interesting how we interpret names in different ways though, and life would be boring if we didn't....I just don't want to be in the minority I guess and have everyone secretly judge!

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NoSquirrels Mon 25-Jan-21 19:11:26

I really like it, but if I was picking a flower name I’d go for Iris instead. I do like Lily - but nn Lil would put me off.

ParisJeTAime Mon 25-Jan-21 19:19:52

I know a lovely grown up Lily, so am biased! She is the furthest thing from downmarket.

I can see why people think it is a bit blah now. When she was named, it was an unusual name I think, but I do think the popularity has taken the shine of it a bit.

She doesn't get Lil, but does get Lils.

SirSamuelVimes Mon 25-Jan-21 19:25:09

I think it's pretty and sweet. Only thing that puts me off (aside from popularity) is it bring yet another girl's name that ends in the "ee" sound.

Oneandabean Mon 25-Jan-21 19:26:05

I love lily, I think it’s really lovely. Not downmarket at all.

emmathedilemma Mon 25-Jan-21 19:28:37

I like it and wouldn't call it downmarket at all. Is it still very popular? It strikes me as one of those names that had a surge in popularity maybe 15-20 years ago.

sunlightbuttons Mon 25-Jan-21 19:31:04

I think it is a beautiful name and I don't think it is a downmarket either.

We considered it but ruled it out as neither my mum or MIL like to receive lilies as they associate them with funerals!!

finallychangedmyusername Mon 25-Jan-21 19:31:05

For me it's a cutesy sounding girls name. I much prefer Lillian.

TheOneLeggedJockey Mon 25-Jan-21 19:31:42

I don’t think it’s downmarket (though I get the work class of eras past association), but I don’t think it’s a name of substance.

Flymetothestars Mon 25-Jan-21 19:33:50

I absolutely love it and if you look at the numbers the name peaked in 2011 and has been declining each and every year since. It was used 4,000 times in 2011 but only 2,000 times in 2019. I actually don't know any Lily's under 5.

Hightide1 Mon 25-Jan-21 19:38:59

@emmathedilemma yes it's still top 10, but I think you're right about the popularity surge being some time ago now. I think that makes it less faddy. But I do sort of agree with you @ParisJeTAime that it's popularity has taken the shine off, it's a shame to feel that way though- it seems a shame to write something off just based on popularity.

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PolarnOPirate Mon 25-Jan-21 19:39:22

Fine, plain, along the lines of Sophie in my eyes. Lily is a play by the rules kind of gal.

Quail15 Mon 25-Jan-21 19:41:28

Whenever I hear that name I hear my nans voice in the back of my head. She used to moan that lily's are funeral flowers and belong on coffins and not as people's names 😂 its strange the things that I remember from my childhood.

I don't mind it as a name ( my DD has a different but flowery type name) but I wouldn't use it for my DC.

PocketsGalore Mon 25-Jan-21 19:50:18

Not for me. Iris is very pretty hough.

Winecheesesleep Mon 25-Jan-21 19:51:57

I really love it, it sounds pretty and elegant to me.

TheVeryHungryTortoise Mon 25-Jan-21 19:52:09

I really love the name Lily, it's elegant and not a name that I associate with any one age group. It was my first choice for a girl, but I ended up having a boy.

jimjamjoo Mon 25-Jan-21 19:55:01

I think it's lovely. Classic, simple and elegant.

bourbonne Mon 25-Jan-21 20:04:33

It's lovely.

DennisTMenace Mon 25-Jan-21 20:08:08

I absolutely love the name. Never heard it called down market before, guess I'm not posh enough!

MarkingMyPlace9 Mon 25-Jan-21 20:10:19

Me and my Friend had Babies in 2019 and her's is called Lily and mine has the middle name of Lillie (a family name)

Suits them both well and I know of a few other Lilys! If you want it, go for it daffodil

Sadbadglad Mon 25-Jan-21 20:12:33

No. It was a name some Mums used for girls bits when I was young.

Hightide1 Mon 25-Jan-21 20:14:35

Thanks for all of the comments, it's really lovely to see all of the positive responses- I think popular names are often disliked on here and it's really made me question myself!

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SleeplessWB Mon 25-Jan-21 20:15:00

I really love Lily. Suits all ages.

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