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Middle names for Florence

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MamatoFlorence Thu 21-Jan-21 17:33:56

First name is set on Florence but we are struggling with middle names.

OH is wants to use Evelyn but with our last name starting with W this then spells out F.E.W !

Any suggestions please of other middle names or a 2nd short middle name to go either in front or after Evelyn

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Fivemoreminutes1 Thu 21-Jan-21 17:56:38

Florence Matilda
Florence Genevieve
Florence Willow

PiggyPlumPie Thu 21-Jan-21 17:57:44

My nan was Florence May smile

Blueboys2009 Thu 21-Jan-21 18:06:56

My nanna was Florence Maude

HadEnoughOfBears Thu 21-Jan-21 18:07:14


Chilldonaldchill Thu 21-Jan-21 18:18:28

I don't like FEW is bad as initials go.
However I'm a big fan of two middle names so I like:
Florence Evelyn Grace W (I'm not normally a Grace can but I think it fits beautifully with the other names)
Florence Evelyn Sophie W
Florence Evelyn Anna W
Florence Evelyn Clara W

Chilldonaldchill Thu 21-Jan-21 18:19:09

Sorry that was meant to say "I don't think FEW is bad"

Cam2020 Thu 21-Jan-21 18:22:36

I was going to say Emily, but that causes the same problem.


Oreservoir Thu 21-Jan-21 18:23:57

Florence Evelyn Lee W
Florence Evelyn Bo W
Florence Evelyn Jae W
Florence Evelyn Mimi W
Florence Evelyn Rose W

MissyB1 Thu 21-Jan-21 18:25:50

Florence Mary
Florence Anna
Florence Katherine
Florence Christine
Florence Josephine

quarentini Thu 21-Jan-21 18:34:31


FawnDrench Thu 21-Jan-21 18:38:34


MsSquiz Thu 21-Jan-21 18:38:46

My Nana was Florence Evelyn so I do love that and don't think those initials are particularly bad.

DD was almost a Florence and we had May, Grace or Lily

midsomermurderess Thu 21-Jan-21 18:52:41

I rather like Daisy, sticking with the theme as it were.

TreacleHart Thu 21-Jan-21 18:55:06

Ann / Anne

popcorndiva Thu 21-Jan-21 18:57:56

My DN is Florence Mary and think it goes well

LindaEllen Thu 21-Jan-21 19:01:32

Abigail smile

MondeoFan Thu 21-Jan-21 19:01:42

Florence Rose
Florence Alice
Florence Violet
Florence Ruby
Florence Lily

SendHelp30 Thu 21-Jan-21 19:02:55

My niece is Florence Olivia. They also have a surname beginning with W and its 2 syllable. Sounds lovely.

Amelia Evelyn is nice
Sophia Evelyn
Eliza Evelyn

sleepingfox Thu 21-Jan-21 19:14:52

Florence Susannah
Florence Georgina
Florence Rosalie
Florence Matilda
Florence Natalia
Florence Amber
Florence Maya
Florence Violet
Florence Dana
Florence Skye
Florence Lucy
Florence Bea
Florence Iris

Some of the shorter ones could work with Evelyn if you do choose to go for a second middle name, but I don’t think the initials FEW would be too bad.

SpaceBlanket Thu 21-Jan-21 19:39:05


Hoppinggreen Thu 21-Jan-21 19:40:17

I think 1 syllable works best with Florence

Palavah Thu 21-Jan-21 19:40:34

Nothing wrong with FEW but you could use Evelyn Florence and call her Florence?

bridgetreilly Thu 21-Jan-21 19:40:55

Florence Joan
Florence Maud
Florence Kate
Florence Claire
Florence Hebe

Emelene Thu 21-Jan-21 19:41:37

I have a Florence Faith. smile

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