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Sexnotgender Wed 20-Jan-21 19:08:26

I hate picking a name😂

Winnie would be her usual name but would put Winifred on the BC.

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Babydust13 Wed 20-Jan-21 19:11:05

I really like it ❤️

AtomicSquash Wed 20-Jan-21 19:16:32

Love it!

NotCornflakes Wed 20-Jan-21 19:17:45

Winnie is cute but I don't think Winifred is quite ready for a comeback.

metalkprettyoneday Wed 20-Jan-21 19:18:37

I know a little girl with that name and think it’s nice.

majesticallyawkward Wed 20-Jan-21 19:18:42

I like it, worked with a winifred but if I'm honest I immediately make the hocus pocus connection.

Greaterthanthesumoftheparts Wed 20-Jan-21 19:19:13

My grandma was Winifred so I love it. You can also have Freddie as a nickname, I think it’s cool for a girl.

smallandimperfectlyformed Wed 20-Jan-21 19:20:57

I don't know why, perhaps I have met one or two, but this name makes me smile and think of elderly Caribbean ladies. It is old fashioned but I think of it quite fondly!

Throwaway99 Wed 20-Jan-21 19:22:16


JanewaysBun Wed 20-Jan-21 19:22:18

Sounds nice, a strong name

ErrolTheDragon Wed 20-Jan-21 19:33:13

Awful. One of the irredeemably ugly old fashioned names. Older family members saddled with it hated it.

MaverickDanger Wed 20-Jan-21 19:33:32

Winnie is cute, I know a little girl called Winnie day to day but her BC name is Winter.

Quercus3 Wed 20-Jan-21 20:08:09

I would be delighted to meet a baby Winifred!

ThatVeganFeminist Wed 20-Jan-21 20:09:32

God no
I have a relative in her 60s who is winifred and she found it old fashioned when she was young. It's not a chic old lady name.

RuthW Wed 20-Jan-21 20:12:59


Singlenotsingle Wed 20-Jan-21 20:14:00

Horrible. So old fashioned.

katy1213 Wed 20-Jan-21 20:14:16

Greasy, mousey hair and NHS specs part of the package?

AlexaShutUp Wed 20-Jan-21 20:15:40

Horrible. It's a very ugly name in my view. Winnie is ok, not great but not awful.

JemimaTiggywinkle Wed 20-Jan-21 20:22:38

I like it

twinkledag Wed 20-Jan-21 20:25:42

Awful - sorry

pinkandblueflowers Wed 20-Jan-21 20:34:20

Lovely name

Sexnotgender Wed 20-Jan-21 20:34:30

Haha, very mixed responses 😂 I’m not super sold so it’s probably off the list.

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IamnotwhouthinkIam Wed 20-Jan-21 21:02:40

Guilty pleasure name, but I probably only like it because of the TV show "Angel" - one of the main characters was Winifred but she was known as "Fred" (and to be honest if you wanted the Fred nickname rather than Winnie, then Freda or even Frederica sound a bit less old-fashioned than Winifred).

MyNameHasBeenTaken Wed 20-Jan-21 21:25:46

I think it is a lot nicer than many of the old lady names that are popular at the moment
Winnie, fred, freddie,freda are all cute pet names.

formerbabe Wed 20-Jan-21 21:28:06

It's sweet for a baby and an old lady...not so much for a teen and a young/middle aged woman

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