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thejollypostwoman Sat 16-Jan-21 20:50:19

Girl's name not another thread on the jewellery brand(!) I like it.... am I mad?!

If not any middle name suggestions?

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formerbabe Sat 16-Jan-21 21:02:46

I like it too. My first thought is Adrian Mole though

Tidypidy Sat 16-Jan-21 21:06:14

Watch out for Pandora's box "jokes".

Athena is pretty if you're into Greek goddess name.

mnahmnah Sat 16-Jan-21 21:07:39

I love it.

But yes, I will always associate it with the jewellery now and there will be some that make the box jokes too. Shame.

toastofthetown Sat 16-Jan-21 21:08:47

Pandora is a great name. I wouldn't worry at all about the jewellery connection. I think almost anything would work in the middle, long or short. I'd just avoid an another name ending in A. Pandora June sounds just as good as Pandora Felicity; it's quite easy to work with.

Aurorie11 Sat 16-Jan-21 21:08:54

Can’t get beyond the box and opening up troubles

partyatthepalace Sat 16-Jan-21 21:08:57

I don’t love it but it’s fine.

Ignore the Pandora’s box comment above, people are amazingly good at coming up with associations if they don’t like a name.

AllTheWayFromLondonDAMN Sat 16-Jan-21 21:10:20

Adrian Mole fans will tell you only this: if your surname begins with B, don’t make her middle names Louise Elizabeth.

thejollypostwoman Sat 16-Jan-21 21:12:38

I actually think I can live with the Adrian Mole connotation - though agree the jewellery brand and box gags might get a bit tiresome !

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IamnotwhouthinkIam Sat 16-Jan-21 21:13:30

I would think of the Box myth (which is pretty well known and not pleasant) rather than the jewellery company personally. It also has very upper class connotations (Jilly Cooper ish ) so Pandora is very much a guilty pleasure name for me.

Still it would be refreshing to hear of more Pandora's about, but I'd definitely pair it with a very safe popular/traditional middle name in case she dislikes it when older - like Charlotte or Grace etc.

Caesious Sat 16-Jan-21 21:15:01

There is a mum blogger on Instagram and with a little one called Pandora and her nickname is Dory. It’s really grown on me!

Mybestusername Sat 16-Jan-21 21:15:20

I adore ya
I implore thee
Don't ignore me

IncludeWomenInTheSequel Sat 16-Jan-21 21:15:50

Cheapo bracelets, sorry!

Toddlerteaplease Sat 16-Jan-21 21:16:19


MrsTerryPratchett Sat 16-Jan-21 21:16:30

The origin isn't great and neither is the jewelry connotation. Unfortunately. Because actually it sounds nice.

MrsTerryPratchett Sat 16-Jan-21 21:17:03

Isadora is little used and great.

flossiegrippiter Sat 16-Jan-21 21:17:34

I liked this but DH vetoed for the reasons above, I loved the shortening of pandy or even panda

Robbybobtail Sat 16-Jan-21 21:17:41

“I’m awfully in love with Pandora...”

I really like the name but it will be associated with the naff jewellery brand - I’m not sure it can be carried off unless you are very rich/posh.

Borris Sat 16-Jan-21 21:19:47

Paloma as an alternative?

NoNeedToArgue Sat 16-Jan-21 21:21:02

I loved it when pregnant with my daughter, so it is her middle name. Still love it smile

thejollypostwoman Sat 16-Jan-21 21:23:26

I actually thought it would be a bit more marmite than this... pleasantly surprised by the reception. Agree middle name needs to be extremely un-frilly(!)

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mnahmnah Sat 16-Jan-21 21:24:46


But there are silly connotations that can be brushed off, or there are rude and inappropriate ones that I wouldn’t want my daughter to deal with such as this

PlanDeRaccordement Sat 16-Jan-21 21:32:21

No, it’s not a lucky name. Pandora was created as an instrument of Zeus to punish humans for Prometheus having stolen fire for them. (We all know how Zeus punished Prometheus himself too)
She is like a patient zero for evil. She unleashed hell on humanity.

Catty1720 Sat 16-Jan-21 21:38:35

Remember if they hadn’t shut the box hope would have come out too so the box isn’t all bad

AllTheChocolateNow Sat 16-Jan-21 21:42:53

Awful connotations.

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