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Anni3getyourgun Fri 20-Nov-20 11:08:17

DC2 is due tomorrow (no sign of movement yet though, unfortunately). We don’t know the sex, but if it’s a girl we had 99% settled on Polly Frances. Maybe I’ve had too much time to think about it now, but I’m worried Polly will blend into a sea of Poppy/Holly etc, though always loved it as I think it’s got a bit more about it.

Back up option is Lucy, but not totally sure. And I love Penny, but DD1 is Annie and the two are a bit rhymey together.

If it’s a boy it’ll be Rory Arthur. That just feels right, even though I know Rory is very popular atm.

Can anyone either convince me that Polly is or isn’t the way to go/suggest anything similar?

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JumpingJamboree Fri 20-Nov-20 11:13:55

I really like Polly.
It was on my list for my daughter but it didn't really fit with our surname.

sophandbridge Fri 20-Nov-20 11:14:43

I like it. She'll love the song 'Miss Polly' - mine always liked it if they saw their name in a book or song provided it was a good one of course.

Buy her a dolly for her first birthday grin

Carrotcakey Fri 20-Nov-20 11:22:51

One of my favourite girls names.
Would have used it myself were it not that I married a man who’s surname is not dissimilar to that of the small toy doll!

Zofloratheexplora Fri 20-Nov-20 11:29:25

I know an Annie and Penny sibset, it's fine although I personally prefer Lucy or Polly over Penny.

Kanaloa Fri 20-Nov-20 11:36:48

I love Polly & Lucy. As well as Miss Polly’s dolly, people might sing Polly put the kettle on which is cute. I think it’s due a comeback.

TotalBitch Fri 20-Nov-20 11:45:21

I love Polly! I know a little Polly who is 3. She is the sweetest child. I also know a 4yo Polina (sp?) who gets Polly day to day.

I don't think it's too similar to Poppy and Holly..but I understand your concern.

The other thing that sprang to mind is Aunt Polly from Mr Tumble. So depends how you feel about that. Maybe it won't be such a popular program for your dd though. It was when my eldest was little.

MikeUniformMike Fri 20-Nov-20 12:04:35

I really like it.
I really like Annie too.

TotalBitch Fri 20-Nov-20 12:08:42

Should say btw the 4yo Polly/Polina is also adorable! Looks like I deliberately left that out 😂. I just don't know her quite as well, but she is an absolutely lovely little girl.

Nell96 Fri 20-Nov-20 12:09:47

I like Polly a lot - it's underused and sounds quite fresh. It was on my list, but I was slightly concerned that it might be a bit 'prim' or 'cutesy'. DH loves it. I love Lucy - very classic and beautiful. Don't like Penny.

Rory is lovely. Getting quite popular now I think.

melisande99 Fri 20-Nov-20 12:10:19

I like it too. It has a completely different feel to Poppy and Holly. The latter two feel like very modern names that have each been very fashionable in the last generation or two (plus they are both botanical). Polly, on the other hand, could be from the 18th century! It's the kind of name that everyone knows, but isn't actually that well-used. I think that's the sweet spot for names!

elfran Fri 20-Nov-20 12:12:03

Polly Frances is perfection! 😍

I do know what you mean about "blending in", though- one of our front runners for this baby is a name that is hardly used (less than 50 babies a year) but fits SO well with the current trends that it's almost likely to get lost among several similar but much more popular names, so I'm in two minds about using it.

That said, if you love a name I say use it. I don't think it you'll mind if there are similar ones about once it's attached to your child.

VioletSunset Fri 20-Nov-20 12:13:40

Absolutely love Polly. I think Polly Frances is absolutely lovely smile

Roselilly36 Fri 20-Nov-20 12:15:57

I love the name Polly, I have always liked it, I also love the name Rory great choices. Good luck.

MonaLisaPiles Fri 20-Nov-20 12:18:32

Polly is a really lovely name

LemonsYellow Fri 20-Nov-20 12:22:36

I like it.

Anni3getyourgun Fri 20-Nov-20 12:41:30

Right, I think you’ve all convinced me! Thank you. Wish baby would hurry up and make an appearance now so I could stop finding things to think about!

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PaleBlueMoonlight Fri 20-Nov-20 13:22:40

Polly Frances is absolutely gorgeous.

RedRec Fri 20-Nov-20 13:25:46

Polly Frances is just perfect. All the best, OP

FluffyEggsontoast Fri 20-Nov-20 14:22:20

I really like Lucy as well
Excellent choices!!
The numbers of "Poppy's" have been declining each and every year since 2013 so Poppy isn't like it used to be

Anyway Polly would be a great choice

VenusClapTrap Fri 20-Nov-20 15:34:46

Polly Frances is a great name.

YoniAndGuy Fri 20-Nov-20 16:02:43

Love it, much stronger than the Poppy/ Evie gang, and much less popular. I think of PJ Harvey. It’s amazing, go for it.

You could make it Polydora on the BC if you feel you need to cover more bases?

DramaAlpaca Sat 21-Nov-20 00:40:13

I love Polly. It's not twee or cutesy despite the 'y' ending, it's vintage and strong. Polly Frances is perfect.

youvegottenminuteslynn Sat 21-Nov-20 00:45:04

Absolutely LOVE Polly and don't know any little ones with it! Timeless and brilliant. No rhyme or reason but it makes me think of a strong, kind and funny little girl with just the right level of cheeky and exactly the same personality in a grown up! Polly Frances is perfect.

IamnotwhouthinkIam Sat 21-Nov-20 01:39:44

I'm not usually keen on nn's as given names, so while I like Polly best as a nn for Polina (even though it was originally a nn for Mary and Dorothy); Polly is so rarely used now that I think it works as a given name too.

Annie and Polly sound really nice together - a lovely match in style as both are vintage nicknames. Lucy doesn't fit so well imo and Penny is too similar to Annie to me (and Poppy/ Holly too modern). Other old- fashioned style nicknames could also work - like Molly, Nell, Maisie, Sadie, Edie, Effie, Betty, Kitty etc but I like Polly with Annie best.

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