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daisychains120 Sun 02-Aug-20 10:59:17

Are there any female forms of Benjamin?

I can't really find anything other than Benjamina or Mina and I don't really like them!

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honeybmain Sun 02-Aug-20 11:03:26

Just copied and pasted from a website haha

Benaetha Beneatha Benedetta Benedicta Bénédicte Benedikte
Benedita Beneve Benevolence Benicia Benita Benja
Benna Bennett Bennie Bente Bentley Bentlie

daisychains120 Sun 02-Aug-20 11:04:38

Thank you, I've searched so so many times but can't find anything I love and I'm getting annoyed! grin

Really hoping something will grow on me or someone will pull something unexpected out of the woodwork

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dancemom Sun 02-Aug-20 11:06:47


honeybmain Sun 02-Aug-20 11:06:51

I think my favourite is Jemina / Jamina
It doesn’t have the ‘Ben’ bit though x

daisypond Sun 02-Aug-20 11:09:25

Benjamin means “son of”, though, so there will never be a female form of it. Not that it will stop people trying. You’ll have more luck with forms of Benedict, which has a different root.

Merrilymerrilymerrily Sun 02-Aug-20 11:10:14

Theodora /Thea (nn Teddy) like Teddy is a nickname for Ben?

milienhaus Sun 02-Aug-20 11:12:09

I like Jemima!

@Merrilymerrilymerrily why is Teddy a nickname for Ben?

GetOffTheFrog Sun 02-Aug-20 11:13:24

Jemima or Mina?

GetOffTheFrog Sun 02-Aug-20 11:17:29

Sorry, re-read and realise you don't like Mina!

daisychains120 Sun 02-Aug-20 11:19:58

I suppose it doesn't need to be a direct female form, just something slightly linked

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FelicityPike Sun 02-Aug-20 11:22:11


Theodora /Thea (nn Teddy) like Teddy is a nickname for Ben?

How in the great wide somewhere is Teddy a nickname for Ben/Benjamin?
Teddy is a diminutive of Edward!!

Boireannachlaidir Sun 02-Aug-20 11:24:06


RowboatsinDisguise Sun 02-Aug-20 11:25:53

You could go for a name that means ‘daughter’ as a nod to the meaning of Benjamin?

Or something else from the Old Testament? Benjamin’s sister was called Dinah?

daisychains120 Sun 02-Aug-20 11:44:30

@RowboatsinDisguise oh my gosh. I love it!

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daisychains120 Sun 02-Aug-20 12:31:40

I really like jasmine @Boireannachlaidir but my husband isn't sure. I think it's lovely

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MikeUniformMike Sun 02-Aug-20 13:05:52

Why do you need a female form of Benjamin?

RiaOverTheRainbow Sun 02-Aug-20 13:17:26

What do you like about Benjamin in particular? If it's after a person, does he have a more easily-adaptable middle name, or traits a name could reflect? Is it the sound of the name? The meaning? It'll be easier to come up with alternatives if you can narrow down the bits of Benjamin you want to keep.

daisychains120 Sun 02-Aug-20 13:29:45

Her brother was Benjamin and I'd like to have his name incorporated into her middle name

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daisychains120 Sun 02-Aug-20 13:32:24

I say "her". We don't actually know gender yet but we have a boys name and are trying to choose a girls name too!

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MikeUniformMike Sun 02-Aug-20 13:37:42

I'd go with Benjamina or Benjamine. As a middle name.

TheVanguardSix Sun 02-Aug-20 13:44:39

Benjamin was the son of Rachel and grandson of Rebecca in the bible. You could go with one of those names.

daisypond Sun 02-Aug-20 13:45:24

Something like Jamina is fine as a middle name. Dinah works too if you like that sister link. But check out her Bible story, see if you’re OK with it.

yourestandingonmyneck Sun 02-Aug-20 14:06:55

In that case, I think Dinah would be perfect smile

CatkinToadflax Sun 02-Aug-20 14:32:51

I was at school with a girl called Benny. I think she was Benedicta but I’m not 100% sure - she was called Benny by everyone including the teachers. Her best friend was Jenny. Yes really! grin

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