Do you have/ know an Iris?

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AliasGrape Sun 02-Aug-20 07:57:18

Does she have any nicknames? Does anyone shorten it in an unusual way?

Just that really!

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Flymetothestars Sun 02-Aug-20 08:24:11

Just commenting to say lovely name but I've never met one so can't be much help

CrumpetsAndPuzzles Sun 02-Aug-20 08:25:30

I do know an Iris but she doesn’t have a nickname (that I know of).

Alfr Sun 02-Aug-20 08:26:07

Yes- I have one. Her nickname is Doris the Destroyer

She is a horse though

Sexnotgender Sun 02-Aug-20 08:28:35


Yes- I have one. Her nickname is Doris the Destroyer

She is a horse though


I only know an elderly Iris. Never heard it shortened.

VeronicaVanHoopen Sun 02-Aug-20 08:30:29

I know a young one. She is often just called I by her family.

VerbenaGirl Sun 02-Aug-20 08:33:18

Our Iris has the nickname Pirate... It just evolved and has now totally stuck!

nancy75 Sun 02-Aug-20 08:35:41

I know an Iris, a lovely lady in her 70’s, I’ve never heard her name shortened. It’s a lovely name

Cupcakegirl13 Sun 02-Aug-20 08:39:36

There are 3 at DS’s school , no shortenings that I know of.

MissRainbowBrite Sun 02-Aug-20 08:44:11

My lovely Grandma was an Iris, the only person who ever shortened her name was Grandad and he just called her "I". Never heard it shortened any other way.

AuntieStella Sun 02-Aug-20 08:45:38

I know one who is nearly 20. Never shortened

RandomTree Sun 02-Aug-20 08:46:33

The one I know is 3, no nickname. It's a lovely name.

drspouse Sun 02-Aug-20 08:48:50

Late primary, no shortening.

OldFloweryCardigan Sun 02-Aug-20 09:01:36

I know a four year old Iris, my sister's child. Only shortenings are affectionate ones that no one outside the family would use. I think it's a gorgeous name.

AliasGrape Sun 02-Aug-20 09:06:57

Thanks all.

We’re going with Iris I was just wondering if we’d get any surprises. (I have relatives that are utterly determined to use nicknames so no doubt they’ll find a way, but just didn’t want to miss anything obvious it turned out we really hated!)

Although I LOVE Iris Pirate @VerbenaGirl - wouldn’t be upset if that came up grin

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daisypond Sun 02-Aug-20 09:22:05

I know a 16-year-old Iris. Sometimes called Irie.

HD98 Sun 02-Aug-20 13:04:35

I know 1 - she's 8. Never heard any nicknames for Iris. I imagine Irie would be most likely? Which isn't anything terrible.
Iris is a nice name.

octoberfarm Sun 02-Aug-20 13:06:34

I had a relative called Iris who was one of the loveliest people I've ever met. Lovely name, and she never shortened it to my knowledge.

KateF Sun 02-Aug-20 13:14:50

I know a lovely 15 year old Iris. Not shortened but I know she has a family nickname. It's a really nice name, recognised but not used too much.

CatsArePeopleToo Sun 02-Aug-20 14:04:36

My MIL. She gets called "I"

MikeUniformMike Sun 02-Aug-20 17:04:39

I, Irie. Eyez

Carouselfish Sun 02-Aug-20 17:07:21

Daughter's middle name, cousin's daughter's first name.

Magicbabywaves Sun 02-Aug-20 17:09:41

My Iris gets called I pie. Then Ipes. But it really isn’t a name with an obvious pet form.

BettaSplenden Sun 02-Aug-20 17:19:11

I knew a lady called iris. She was nicknamed I-ree (no idea on spelling - it was said a bit like alriiight) she was hilarious and only went by iris at church and when she was with her sister who was very prim and proper.

MamaLoLo1 Sun 02-Aug-20 22:57:43

I know a French one (pronounced ear-iss).

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