Joshua or Joseph for other twin?

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Tom1989 Sat 01-Aug-20 09:09:05

Hello again, for people who don’t know - I made a thread about what people thought of me and DW naming our twins Joshua and Joseph (nn and Josh and Joe). However, it wasn’t very well received, and I understand the reasons why, it also goes a lot deeper than what we originally had doubts about (however I don’t know why people were saying Joe is a NN for Joshua confused).

So me and DW have decided to go with Samuel for one of the twins and one of these two for the other. Which do people prefer, Joshua or Joseph? Thanks smile

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SnowdropFox Sat 01-Aug-20 09:22:14

Joshua! Samuel is a lovely name too. Congratulations op smile

Blackbear19 Sat 01-Aug-20 09:28:44

Joshua illogically it sounds more modern. And given the names are likely to be shortened Josh sounds better than Joe.

But both good names.

FelicityPike Sat 01-Aug-20 09:29:20

Josh and Joe are great names!!!!
Samuel & Joshua (Sam & Josh)!

BluebellsGreenbells Sat 01-Aug-20 09:30:20

Disagree, Joseph is a nicer name.

But then I haven’t met a Joshua I like!! And I know a few.

Chocolatecake12 Sat 01-Aug-20 09:30:33

My vote is for Joseph. Sam and joe

LucyFox Sat 01-Aug-20 09:31:39

I think Joseph is a bit less popular than Joshua & works well with Samuel

SpeedofaSloth Sat 01-Aug-20 09:33:59

Sam and Joe
Sam and Josh
I think both combinations are rather good. I slightly prefer the first one.

AntiHop Sat 01-Aug-20 09:34:25

They're both great names, but I'd go for Joshua.

Canklesforankles Sat 01-Aug-20 09:35:41

I like Sam and Joe too. All nice names but know lots of Joshuas and Joseph is nice.

CatteStreet Sat 01-Aug-20 09:36:51

I think they both work well (Samuel is a lovely name that seems to be less frequently heard of atm than a decade or so ago) but Samuel and Joshua 'scans' better. In isolation, however, I slightly prefer Joseph.

Anappleaday1 Sat 01-Aug-20 09:50:31


Onceuponatimethen Sat 01-Aug-20 09:51:48

I like Sam and Josh best

finallychangedmyusername Sat 01-Aug-20 09:54:18

My two all-time favourite boys names (although sadly DH wasn't keen on either, so DC have different - also great - names) are Joshua and Samuel. 😍 Fabulous names.

Having said that I do love Joseph too.

RandomTree Sat 01-Aug-20 09:55:43


Bowerbird5 Sat 01-Aug-20 10:00:37

Both lovely names. Joseph is less popular so I would probably chose that with Samuel. I went to Secondary with a Samuel, lovely person.
Joseph can also be shortened to Jos it is often in the north.

How exciting to be having twin boys. Congratulations.

Clift19 Sat 01-Aug-20 10:30:01

What's wrong with Joseph and Joshua?
But personally if Sam is a definite, I'd go with Joseph

NannyR Sat 01-Aug-20 10:33:19

Both are great names and go well with Samuel - why not wait till they are born and see which one suits him best.

FairfaxAikman Sat 01-Aug-20 10:35:45

Sam and Joe are more solid, down-to-earth shortenings than Josh is.

clareykb Sat 01-Aug-20 10:37:06

I like Samuel and either of the others. I have twins and I would recommend having names that have different initial letters and sound different so when you have to shout them in the park as they bold off in different directions they know who you are shouting!

Oblomov20 Sat 01-Aug-20 10:44:10

Samuel and Joshua.
= Sam & Josh.

I still like Joseph though and fail to see why it was dismissed on the previous thread? hmm

ejs11 Sat 01-Aug-20 10:47:54

Personally prefer Joseph! Much prefer Joe as a nickname to Josh smile

Canklesforankles Sat 01-Aug-20 11:15:15

The only drawback I can see to Samuel and Joseph is if someone decides to shorten Joseph to Sepp instead of Joe. Then you would have Sam and Sepp so you might as well have gone with Joe and Josh!
Maybe not likely though as Sepp not used in U.K. (assuming that’s where you are).

yesterdaystotalsteps123 Sat 01-Aug-20 11:17:32

Have you considered Josiah? Got a bit of both?

FluffyEggsontoast Sat 01-Aug-20 11:21:24

Both really lovely names but I also thought Joshua and Joseph sounded lovely together too!
Samuel is a great choice though
I vote for Joshua

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