Baby boy names.

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shannonlh2503 Thu 30-Jul-20 23:15:46

Hello everyone I'm just looking for everyone's help I'm due early September and haven't chosen a name. I would say I like unique name but my parter doesn't. Finding it hard with the last name being Harvey. I'm not into the name that sound like there for an older person. Just comment your Favourites or any idea that would mean at lot.

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Leah00 Thu 30-Jul-20 23:22:46


Bubbletrouble43 Thu 30-Jul-20 23:35:05

My boy list ( never used as had 3 DDs)

Aquamarine1029 Thu 30-Jul-20 23:37:14

Taron/Taran Harvey

Camden Harvey

Awwlookatmybabyspider Fri 31-Jul-20 00:54:20

James Harvey . Granted not modern but classic will carry him well right thought his life.
Jayden Harvey
Louis (PN Loo-is not Looey)
Dexter Harvey
Lucas Harvey
Jenson Harvey
Kyle Harvey
Kian Harvey
Jackson Harvey
Kieran Harvey

FluffyEggsontoast Fri 31-Jul-20 08:24:48

What about a name like Tristan or Curtis that might fit both of your criteria

Onestepup Fri 31-Jul-20 08:34:25

Rowan Harvey
Milo Harvey
Idris Harvey
Nathan Harvey
Oliver Harvey
Thomas Harvey
Xander Harvey
Paul Harvey
Simon Harvey
Adam Harvey
Ethan Harvey
Daniel Harvey

SomeWateryTart Fri 31-Jul-20 11:02:07

Bennett Harvey
Raphael Harvey
Jackson Harvey
Cole Harvey
Guy Harvey
Leo Harvey
Maxwell Harvey
Sebastian Harvey
Lincoln Harvey
Lennon Harvey
Joseph (Jo) Harvey
Grayson Harvey
Nico Harvey
Zach Harvey
Reuben Harvey
Noah Harvey
Alexander (Xander) Harvey
Xavier Harvey
Kai Harvey
Kit Harvey

SomeWateryTart Fri 31-Jul-20 11:04:08

Zane Harvey

babynamelover Fri 31-Jul-20 11:15:22

I love Jethro, Orson and Emmett they might appeal. Otis was our chosen boys name for our second daughter.

SomeWateryTart Fri 31-Jul-20 11:22:00

Also love Milo Harvey, as suggested ^^

SomeWateryTart Fri 31-Jul-20 14:32:15

One other point; is Harvey your last name, or your DP's or both? Because, if it's just your DP's and not yours, you could use your surname instead?

Or double barrell?

So, Riley Smith-Harvey, Bailey Smith-Harvey or Luca Smith-Harvey? Or whatever your actual name / maiden name is.

Or, you could do Riley-James Harvey. Just use Riley day to day, but when the full name and surname get read out at school or the doctors or wherever, it would have the James (or whatever) to break it a bit?

ilovepuggies Fri 31-Jul-20 14:37:49


honeybmain Sat 01-Aug-20 12:24:34


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