How popular is it really?

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Pineapple30 Wed 29-Jul-20 08:04:23

I've started to really like the name Ada and it was my great grandmas name so has family connections too. However I'm getting put off by how popular it seems to be becoming... so just wondering how many babies you know recently who have been called Ada?

My other favourite is Nina but at the moment I'm feeling drawn towards Ada for some reason!

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Spidey66 Wed 29-Jul-20 08:07:05

Ada's cute. Not sure how popular it is, but I like it. I prefer it to Nina, which while I don't hate is a bit 'meh.'

BarbiesWorld Wed 29-Jul-20 08:14:00

I know 2 but they're not babies. One is 8 and the other about 12. It's a lovely name

ConstanceSalinger Wed 29-Jul-20 08:17:09

I know of only one little girl who is about 6 months, I'm never sure if it's ah-da or ay-da, so the few occasions I've met her just say, "oh aren't you lovely!"

OrangeGinLemonFanta Wed 29-Jul-20 08:18:49

I know two preschool age Adas

Howmanysleepsnow Wed 29-Jul-20 08:19:22

Even the most popular names aren’t given to that many children a year now. 40 years ago my sister had the number 1 name and there was always another 1 or 2 with her name everywhere she went. My dd12 has the number one name from the year after her birth year but has, over the course of 3 schools only had one other child with her name (and they were 2 years younger). The spread of names is much wider nowadays.
I’ve never come across an Ada either.

BillywilliamV Wed 29-Jul-20 08:19:51

I have an Olivia, still love the name. These names are popular because they are so pretty. If you love a name, use it.

For the record, dont know any Ada s , what about Ida?

Aroundtheworldin80moves Wed 29-Jul-20 08:21:39

According to statistics, just over 800 babies were called Ada in 2018, but it's rising rapidly.

So it depends what you call popular. It's a pretty name. Chances are she won't meet another of the same age.

Regulus Wed 29-Jul-20 08:22:47

Fwiw Nina is being suggested on every thread atm. And it makes me think of 🚨. Don't know any Ada's

Howmanysleepsnow Wed 29-Jul-20 08:27:27

Plus, a quick google says there were only 811 children named Ada in 2018, so I’d definitely not say it was popular.

PlantPotting Wed 29-Jul-20 08:28:36

I haven't met any

AudaCityLimits Wed 29-Jul-20 08:31:41

Never met one. Prefer Nina myself- It feels like a strong, feisty name.

bridgetreilly Wed 29-Jul-20 10:22:00

I don't know any. It's fine.

SweatyAndyFromWoking Wed 29-Jul-20 10:44:08

I know two under 5 but one was registered as Adaline

florascotia2 Wed 29-Jul-20 10:46:30

As pp have said, Ada has risen rapidly in popularity. Now (2018, last government official statistics) ranks 38th.

Nixen Wed 29-Jul-20 10:47:30

Bizarrely, I know two siblings who are Ada and Nina😧
They’re both under 4

SacreBleeurgh Wed 29-Jul-20 10:52:39

I’ve never met one. Or a Nina for that matter. 🤔

zigaziga Wed 29-Jul-20 11:11:27

It is rising fast but I don’t personally see if becoming a Top 20 name.

mosquitofeast Wed 29-Jul-20 11:35:00

I'm a teacher, I have never taught an Ada, Its nice. Nina always strikes me as a bit of a non-name. But It could be short for many things, Christina, Justina, Martina, etc

pinkpinecone Wed 29-Jul-20 13:44:37

I think it's starting to become quite popular I certainly keep hearing it. It's a nice name.

Carriecotz Wed 29-Jul-20 19:25:21

I don’t know any but it’s quite a nice name. A more unique name than Ava.
I also like Adeline

Twickerhun Wed 29-Jul-20 19:32:46

I know one Ada - she is 101 years young and is married to Arnold , the loveliest people you could wish to meet

MindyStClaire Wed 29-Jul-20 22:16:17

I know of two under two. It is a really lovely name though.

BatleyTownswomensGuild Thu 30-Jul-20 08:01:33

I know 1 Ada, 2 Avas and 1 Ida - all under 6 years old....

Mediaevalmiss Thu 30-Jul-20 08:04:55

I have an elderly Aunty Ada, but I don't know any children called that. It's pretty.

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