Is Vincent A good name??

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EmmaRay Tue 21-Jul-20 14:37:46

Any ideas on whether Vincent or vinnie would be a good name for our DS??

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angieb89 Tue 21-Jul-20 14:49:47

I think it's a good name. I've considered it for one of my boys but I'm not in love with it enough to use it. But I really like it smile and Vinnie

PlantPotting Tue 21-Jul-20 15:27:04

Really great choice

notangelinajolie Tue 21-Jul-20 15:35:06

Vincent is a very cool name. Go for it!

DramaAlpaca Tue 21-Jul-20 15:55:54

Vincent yes.

However, I don't like Vinnie or Vince so if I were to use it, it would only be as a middle name.

ApplestheHare Tue 21-Jul-20 15:59:17

I know a few baby Vincents now. It's also an old name in our family so I really like it for that reason.

QwertyBert Tue 21-Jul-20 16:28:08

Yes. Cool and strong.

BinkyBoinky Tue 21-Jul-20 16:36:50

Errm... sounds a bit Mafioso to me

ItsSpittingEverybodyIn Tue 21-Jul-20 17:04:51

Love it!

MikeUniformMike Tue 21-Jul-20 18:09:12


Orphlids Tue 21-Jul-20 18:09:41

Vinnie sounds like a burglar to me.

crossstitchingnana Tue 21-Jul-20 18:14:19

Ewww NO!

humanz Tue 21-Jul-20 18:16:04

Fantastic name!

KittyKatyKate Thu 23-Jul-20 07:38:49

I’ll use it for a mn if we have a boy because it’s a family name and I’d love for my granddad’s name to have been passed down, his children have just had girls x

NKFell Thu 23-Jul-20 14:38:15

I love the name Vincent, I've considered it for all 3 of my boys but always got vetoed envy <--not envy.

I will be envious if you get to have it grin Brilliant name!

omg35 Thu 23-Jul-20 14:39:44

My grandfather was Vincent. I'd totally use it if I could!

neighbourhoodwitch Thu 23-Jul-20 14:41:05

Love it!!

Tillygetsit Thu 23-Jul-20 22:35:00

Not keen.

DrDetriment Thu 23-Jul-20 22:41:39

No it's a terrible name. He will be destined for a life of crime...

Starbuggy Thu 23-Jul-20 23:04:06

I want to like Vincent but I’m not sure, I don’t know why though!

I’m not a fan of Vinnie though

Flymetothetoon Thu 23-Jul-20 23:09:11

Reminds me of Vincent from Pulp Fiction - cool good looking guy, great dancer but ultimately a hit man and bad ass dude!

MargotMoon Thu 23-Jul-20 23:11:11

Yes, DD was going to be Vincent. Liked Vinny and Vince for short as well

Onestepup Thu 23-Jul-20 23:12:40

I like Vincent but not Vinnie.

StephanieRuth Fri 24-Jul-20 13:12:46

He'd get bullied and rightly so.

Mrsjayy Fri 24-Jul-20 13:16:24

I was walking behind toddler twin boys Vinnie and Archie I thought they had the best names,.

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