What do you think of the name Juna?

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Peanut07 Tue 30-Jun-20 07:50:07

Both me and my husband love the name Juno but our surname is short and rhymes with it (Lowe) which I think makes it sound a bit of a mouthful. We’re also not overly keen on the association with the film character.

I came across the name Juna which we both love but I’m starting to second guess whether it sounds like we’re trying too hard to be different by switching the ‘o’ for an ‘a’. Especially since I found an article online which said Juna was one of the most unpopular given names in the UK in 2018. Basically any name with June in it seems to be a winner with us. We would just use June but feel it’s a bit short with our short surname. Also considering Juniper but I’m wondering the same as Juna.

I’m due today so probably overthinking this while waiting for baby but any thoughts welcome. Thanks In advance smile

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DonLewis Tue 30-Jun-20 07:51:20

It's lovely, I also really like June. Sometimes you've just got to go with your gut!

Soulstirring Tue 30-Jun-20 07:52:11

I love June! I think either version sounds lovely with your surname, go with what you like best.

Angelonia Tue 30-Jun-20 07:53:01

My favourite of these is Juniper, especially as you have a short surname.

Somethingkindaoooo Tue 30-Jun-20 07:53:14

Juno rhymes with Lowe? I quite like how they sound together. And I think the film character was awesome- resilient and funny.
If you like Juno, use it 🙂

MintyMurray17 Tue 30-Jun-20 08:49:17

Juna is gorgeous. I don't think it sounds try hard at all.

Letthemysterybe Tue 30-Jun-20 08:50:48

All sound nice. I met a little Joanie recently, cute!


OccasionalNachos Tue 30-Jun-20 08:52:02

Juniper is lovely, and Juna could be a nickname?

MummyFD Tue 30-Jun-20 08:54:23

June is a lovely name - if you are concerned about it being short why not hyphenate another one with it - June-Lilly for example.
I admit the first thing I thought of was Juno when I read Juna but I'm one person out of 1000000's so I wouldn't worry x

Onestepup Tue 30-Jun-20 09:01:05

Juna is lovely. Unusual yet easy to pronounce and spell. It sounds fresher than June.

I don't like the "nipper" sound in Juniper.

123Dancewithme Tue 30-Jun-20 09:09:10

Juna makes me think of Tuna. How about Junia?

milienhaus Tue 30-Jun-20 09:11:19

I like Juniper a lot! Can be June, Juno, Junie, Juna for short later.

Lockdownfatigue Tue 30-Jun-20 09:15:16

I once met a Juni. Juno Lowe sounds good to me and I personally like the film character despite the association with teen pregnancy. I think she’s a quirky and strong character. Juna is also nice... until someone mentioned tuna and now I can’t unhear that! I didn’t make the association myself though.

MrsMop1964 Tue 30-Jun-20 09:16:20

As a June, I've always hated my name. It seems to have been considered old fashioned pretty much all my life. Is it not 'middle-aged' any more? A work friend calls me Juniper sometimes for a laugh and I actually prefer it!

IsadoraQuagmire Tue 30-Jun-20 09:32:03

If I heard that name I'd presume it was spelled Djuna, like Djuna Barnes.

MikeUniformMike Tue 30-Jun-20 10:07:20

Juna looks made up and lacks the impact of Juno. Junia is too much like Junior.

Juno Lowe sounds a bit like D'you know low?

Juniper is great though and could be Junie for short, and that's cute.

2Kidsinatrenchcoat Tue 30-Jun-20 10:14:48

If I heard someone say Juna without seeing it written down my brain would probably hear it as Juno

I love Juniper and you can shorten it to Junie/Juna/June

Ellmau Tue 30-Jun-20 11:52:37

I like Junia

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Tue 30-Jun-20 11:54:39

Juna - not a fan, prefer Juno.

I'd go for Juniper. Then you can dip into Juno/e/a as nicknames.

sibbys Tue 30-Jun-20 11:58:57

Don't like Juna.
Juno is great.
Juniper - NO!

JudyGemstone Tue 30-Jun-20 12:37:14

I like Juno Lowe!

It's much better than Juna imo

LotusClover Tue 30-Jun-20 12:50:06

I really dislike Juno and Juniper but Juna is lovely.

AnnieMaul Tue 30-Jun-20 13:23:16

Juno Lowe is nice. I think it'd be quite a stretch for someone to manage to rhyme them.

whatausername Tue 30-Jun-20 13:29:09

I like Juno actually. Juno Lowe. It's pretty. Fingers crossed she arrives today! Congratulations, I hope you update us when you can.

wishing3 Tue 30-Jun-20 14:31:44

I love Juna- not heard of before but it sounds ‘proper’. I actually prefer it to Juno.

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