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Onceuponatime123 Mon 29-Jun-20 22:07:30

As the title suggests. I am looking for opinions on our name choices (positive and negative). Surname will be Clarke.


Penelope (penny)

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Leah00 Mon 29-Jun-20 22:10:26

I think Jacob and Elias sound nicest with your last name (and less boring than the others)

For a girl, Amelie

sohelpmegod Mon 29-Jun-20 22:12:29

Firstly, love ur asking peoples opinions! Of course it really doesnt matter as it's what you think but sometimes get some funny responses. My first bit of advice though would be to say it in whatever accent you hate the most and test the sound, and also think of any awful nicknames or having it shortened, see if u can live with the worst!

Love all tbe boys bar Ezra and Elias- sound pretty intense for a name, I don't know how else to explain that feeling, just intense, maybe reminds me of like biblical times I don't know?

Love all the girls name, really pretty! Lois, mega fan of that!!!


ncqtime Mon 29-Jun-20 22:12:36

What a load of meh. I presume you are a conventional sort. Ezra just makes me feel icky why is this name so popular?

yelyah22 Mon 29-Jun-20 22:12:48

I love them all except Ralph - my choices would be Ezra or Jacob, and Erin (my favourite underused, classic name that's not twee!).

DramaAlpaca Mon 29-Jun-20 22:18:50

All of the names on both lists are perfectly fine - with the exception of Ralph, which is truly awful. I'm not mad on Ezra either.

My favourites are probably Henry, Lucas & Jacob and Penelope, Lois and Erin.

Sooobooored Mon 29-Jun-20 22:18:53

I just came on to also say I like them all except Ralph.


Thistlegirl4 Mon 29-Jun-20 22:24:15

I like Lucas and Lois the best from your lists.

4amWitchingHour Mon 29-Jun-20 22:26:04

I know the OP asked for rate and slate, but there's no need to be a complete wanker @ncqtime

whatausername Mon 29-Jun-20 22:29:09

I dislike George and Ralph with your surname. Ralph sounds a bit wet and George sounds very boring.

Erin's lovely.

123Dancewithme Mon 29-Jun-20 22:30:39

Henry Clarke sounds good.

EngagedAgain Mon 29-Jun-20 22:33:57

Boys - I think George looks and sounds better with surname. Names with C in don't flow as well. Amelie for girl.

monkeyonthetable Mon 29-Jun-20 22:41:06

I love Elias and Ezra most. Both sound really good with Clarke.

Like Elena best from the girls' list.

RoseMartha Mon 29-Jun-20 22:43:06

Of your boy names I prefer Jacob or Henry Clark.

Of your girls, Rosie or Penelope or Erin Clark.

sadpapercourtesan Mon 29-Jun-20 22:47:06

Jacob - too common, boring
Lucas - meh, no character
Henry - LOVE it
George - love it, would shorten to Georgie
Elias - wishy-washy
Ralph - bleeeeeee
Ezra - like it

Lois - nope, Family Guy
Penelope (penny) - not for me but its OK
Rosie - like it, but would use as a shortening for Rosemary or Rosalie
Olivia - OK, bit middle-class and over-used
Amelie - meh, too common now
Elena - prefer Eleanor
Evelyn - harsh-sounding and too fashionable
Erin - OK, nothing special

Skyliner001 Mon 29-Jun-20 22:51:43

Jacob 4/10
Lucas 4/10
Henry 4/10
George 5/10
Elias 1/10
Ralph 4/10
Ezra 0/10

Lois 5/10
Penelope (penny) 5/10
Rosie 5/10
Olivia 5/10
Amelie 3/10
Elena 2/10
Evelyn 6/10
Erin 5/10

Spam88 Mon 29-Jun-20 22:58:58

Lois Clarke is a bit superman...

Of your boys names I like George best, followed by Henry. I think most of the others just sound a bit weak, and Ezra I'm just not a fan of.

I like all your girls names, but Penny Clarke sounds like it could be a job title 🤔 I particularly like Rosie.

Ulrikaka Mon 29-Jun-20 23:04:06

Jacob Clarke will end up sounding a bit like Jakelarke, same with Luclarke. George is the architect off the tv (not a cultural reference your dc will care remotely about, but just springs to mind). Elias makes me think of Alias, Ezra quite common round here. Ralph is a penis name.
Love Henry!

Lois, Penelope (was on my list but would have had nn Polly), Rosie - love.
Olivia, Amelie, Erin - every class I taught was full of them in the mid-late 00s.
Elena - prefer Eleanor.
Evelyn. Frumpy and noone knows how to pronounce it.

Painsnail Mon 29-Jun-20 23:05:27

Lois Clarke has a very superman vibe...

snowone Mon 29-Jun-20 23:14:15

I love Elias for a boy, my husband hated it though. For girls I love Elena and Erin but I would spell it Eryn. In fact DD1 was very nearly Eryn but we changed our mind at the last minute smile

RainbowMum11 Mon 29-Jun-20 23:23:24

Lois Clarke sounds like a Superman mash up (Lois Lane and Clarke Kent!)

littlealexhorne Mon 29-Jun-20 23:25:40

I love Ezra, or out of your girls list I'd choose Olivia, which I actually still like despite it being so popular.

willowtree81 Mon 29-Jun-20 23:57:23

Really nice names. I like Jacob, Elias and Rosie best.

Namechange8471 Tue 30-Jun-20 00:13:45

Jacob and Rosie 👍

Enough4me Tue 30-Jun-20 00:23:02

Jacob or Erin

Definitely not Ralph

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