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EThreepwood Sat 27-Jun-20 09:01:29

I really want a powerful feminist name.
I found this one yesterday.

According to the Kabbalah supposed to be Adam's original wife moulded out of clay at the same time.
Adam wanted dominance but she wanted equality. So she rebelled and left Eden out of her own free will. So the original feminist. (The good part of the name)

But the name also has bad connotations. Literally means night monster. She became a demon and the legend says steals babies?

What do you think? If you don't like it what strong names do you have?

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Ricekrispie22 Sat 27-Jun-20 09:16:14

If you have doubts, I wouldn’t use it. Also, it’s bound to be shortened to Lily, which is nice but not particularly strong and powerful.


ThisIsNotARealAvo Sat 27-Jun-20 09:18:42

I love Lilith, the name itself and the story behind it. So much more exciting than being named after a flower or something. I'd definitely consider it myself.

Deinonychus Sat 27-Jun-20 09:20:39

Lilith is Frasier’s evil ex-wife in the sitcom. I personally don’t like the name.

greentreesdream Sat 27-Jun-20 09:20:59

I like Lilith. I don’t actually like any of the names on Rice’s list apart from serena and Rosamund is OK but I can’t stand Roz!

PurBal Sat 27-Jun-20 09:22:16

I'm sorry but Lilith and Jezebel fall in the same category. Although both are nice enough names the connotations are terrible.

PurBal Sat 27-Jun-20 09:23:58

That doesn't mean you shouldn't use it if you love it! Just my opinion.


Ihaveoflate Sat 27-Jun-20 09:24:42

I thought it was popularly understood as 'she devil' which is why it the name of Frasier's ex-wife in the eponymous sitcom. I get the badass female thing, but anyone who watched TV in the 90s will always think of Frasier (or maybe it's just me!).

ElephantAndButterfly Sat 27-Jun-20 09:25:15

I like Lilith.

And as for her being the "evil" ex wife in frasier, she's actually portrayed as a strong, highly intelligent and academically accomplished woman, who is a loving mother. That's exactly the sort of feminist the world needs!

greentreesdream Sat 27-Jun-20 09:25:50

Jezebel has a horrible sound though while Lilith does just sound a variant of lily.

I can’t think of any feminist names now!

Cheeseycheeseycheesecheese Sat 27-Jun-20 09:26:22

I love the name, I think its pretty.

But like @Deinonychus I've got a TV show connection

Lilith is the demon that has to be killed by Sam to set Lucifer free in supernatural. Her story line is brilliant though!!

Still love the name haha

Dozer Sat 27-Jun-20 09:27:24


Prefer Lillian.

mintich Sat 27-Jun-20 09:28:32

I thought of Frasier straight away! What about Lila?

daisypond Sat 27-Jun-20 09:28:41

Lilith is definitely a demon to me. That’s what the name means to me. It’s in Jezebel or Delilah territory.

EThreepwood Sat 27-Jun-20 09:29:09

Bit hit and miss then.
I just love names with a story. Why have you chosen those names Rice? Have they done anything extraordinary?

Middle name will be Alice, who stayed same in an insane world. My Grandmother named my Mum this for that exact reason smile

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HildegardeCrowe Sat 27-Jun-20 09:31:01

I have a Lily and I love the name Lilith. Don’t worry about the connotations and if it goes with your surname, go for it.

TheVanguardSix Sat 27-Jun-20 09:32:44

I couldn't name my daughter Lilith. I do love the name, OP, the sound of it, I mean. I also love the name Jezebel and DH really wanted to call our DD this (but I swiftly took the crack pipe off him and hauled him off to Baby Name Rehab). You ought to check out this rehab centre yourself. grin
Lilith is not a feminist name, OP. It's just a lousy handle to slam your DD with. Lilith married Satan if I recall.
I mean, if you're Wiccan or something, then I guess nothing's stopping you. Maybe you put a pentagram on top of your Wiccan tree. If that's how you roll, then Lilith would make sense.
Lilibeth is a much more beautiful name.

Prettybluepigeons Sat 27-Jun-20 09:33:11

How about Emmeline or Christabel?


sashh Sat 27-Jun-20 09:39:40

I like it but there are also connotations with vampires.

I don't have children so my view is a bit skewed. I like Grace (Darling and Hopper).

Charity Adams, African american woman in the then segregated US army who declined to have a white male superior and led the first African American women to serve overseas.

One of my favourites, Valentina, the fist women in space.

Marina (Raskova) persuaded Stalin to let women serve on the front line and led the 'Night Witches' women undertaking bombing runs in old bi planes and without parachutes.

DoTheMaccaroni Sat 27-Jun-20 09:40:07

I met a woman named Lilith once. She had a very strong character. She was very sweet but also had this strange dark side, much like her name! I don’t personally like the sound of it or the story behind the name.

ComeBy Sat 27-Jun-20 09:42:33

Lilith Alice is a bit of a tongue twister.

Not sure about Lilith. She has been ‘reclaimed’ by feminists but is also a kind of female Satan.

RoLaren Sat 27-Jun-20 09:47:45

Lilith has definite Frasier associations: 'If you kiss her too fast, you get an ice cream headache'.

EThreepwood Sat 27-Jun-20 10:00:34

Haha @TheVanguardSix grin she's Judan. Love the sound of a wiccan tree though! Might try it at Christmas winkhalo

Thank you @sashh that's just what I want something with a story. I love Marina but then she'd have 2 dead relative names and it was pretty tragic too.
I have loads of Rebel Girl inspired books but I can't find one I like so far

Any literacy fans know any strong legends or strong female characters?

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Ihaveoflate Sat 27-Jun-20 10:19:38

I would go for Sylvia (as in Plath) or Esther (as in The Bell Jar) but that's probably not to everyone's taste!

Actually I have a daughter and I wanted to call her Shulamit (as in Firestone, the feminist) but was vetoed. I wasn't even allowed it for the Hebrew name, but we did get my second choice.

greentreesdream Sat 27-Jun-20 10:23:51

Esther is biblical too, though.


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