Naming our second daughter:

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mamamemmmer Mon 15-Jun-20 14:42:07


Our first daughter is called Ada, and we recently found out we're having another little girl.

These are the names we have in order of how we like them:


I'm pretty set on Esther but our friends are due a baby in just over a week and I know they have two 'E' names on their list - so need another name just in case!

Suggestions welcome xxx

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Whatsyourflava Mon 15-Jun-20 14:46:54

Love Rosie

If you like Esther how about Greta? Edith (nnEdie)? Jemima? Clemmie? Pearl? Ottilie? Cleo? Cora? Maggie (Margaret)? Martha? Delilah? Margot?

Anni3getyourgun Mon 15-Jun-20 15:22:16

Ada and Edith is a lovely suggestion. Esther is great though, I’d pick that if your friends don’t.

Other ideas: Ellen, Julia, Nora, Nell...

Windyatthebeach Mon 15-Jun-20 15:23:21


sweetnosugar Mon 15-Jun-20 16:51:49

Love @Windyatthebeach suggestions!

.. Marnie?

17caterpillars1mouse Mon 15-Jun-20 18:25:10

Love Esther nn Essie

I also really love Agnes

I like Hettie too but would have the full name as Henrietta

Etta is nice just not my style but again could be Henrietta

I only like Rosey as a nn for Rosalind or Rosalin

Alma is nice enough, not a favourite and is quite similar to Ada

GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal Mon 15-Jun-20 18:26:47

How about Hester instead of Ester?


mamamemmmer Mon 15-Jun-20 20:29:08

@GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal Hester sounds too much like The Addams Family, if the baby is super late and born on Halloween I may reconsider this though! 😂 x

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mamamemmmer Mon 15-Jun-20 20:31:46

@17caterpillars1mouse I really love Agnes too, but my other half just isn't sure!

@sweetnosugar Marnie has made it on the list, Esther is the firm favourite but we have to be realistic if our best friends name their little girl Esther then we're just going to find another!

Rosie has always been on 'the list' but there is just something that stops us from going 'yep, that's it' - might be to do with the dog two doors down called Rosie.. 😂

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BabyLlamaZen Mon 15-Jun-20 20:34:40

Esther or Hettie. I like how Hettie sounds different enough to Ada. The same with Rosie.

BabyLlamaZen Mon 15-Jun-20 20:35:23

Rosie short for Rosamund?

mnahmnah Mon 15-Jun-20 20:46:15

We loved Esther, but had boys grin

Our other girls names were Phoebe, Halle, Erin, Liberty and Ffion

whatagonnahappennow Mon 15-Jun-20 20:46:54

Margot or Heidi.

Greggers2017 Mon 15-Jun-20 20:47:58

My DSD is named Rosalie abd was Rosie when she was younger, now she is almost 12 she is Rose.
Her name is so pretty and grows with her.

Chicchicchicchiclana Mon 15-Jun-20 20:48:49

You can have Esther if your friends name their baby girl with an E name. Esther is definitely the best on your list.

Have you considered Hattie rather than Hettie?

SparrowInTheHedge Mon 15-Jun-20 20:50:26

Use Esther.

Realistically, your kids won't have much to do with each other when they're older.

mamamemmmer Mon 15-Jun-20 23:10:15

@SparrowInTheHedge It's my husband's best friend of 28 years (they're 29), I love Esther, but if they called their little girl Esther we'd happily find something else!

@Chicchicchicchiclana if it's just an E name we're going with Esther, the mystery is if Esther is one of those 'E' names!

We're quite open to ideas, nothing is set in stone, baby could arrive and not suit Esther at all 😂.

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123Dancewithme Mon 15-Jun-20 23:48:43

Esther is lovely. I also like Alma and Agnes.

Ellmau Mon 15-Jun-20 23:49:52


copperoliver Tue 16-Jun-20 00:23:26

I like Elsie with Ada. X
I know not in your list
Out of your list Hettie is my favourite. X

Awwlookatmybabyspider Tue 16-Jun-20 22:15:43

Out of your list I only like Rosie.Well I don't like it, but It's the one I'd go with if I was forced to make a choice. I do quite like Rosa, though Ironically my DD was almost Rosie.
Other suggestions

HedgeHogFoxBadger Tue 16-Jun-20 23:51:46

Agatha aka Aggie? Agnes is nice too
Love Rosie

IckleBear Wed 17-Jun-20 00:00:58

Ada and Eliza
Ada and Indie
Ada and Sadie
Ada and Phoebe
Ada and Freya
Ada and Violet
Ada and Lucy

mamamemmmer Wed 01-Jul-20 00:05:47


Looks like we can use Esther, yay!

So do we like Ada and Esther together? X

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123Dancewithme Wed 01-Jul-20 00:08:14

Ada and Esther are great together!

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