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Baby boy imminent and no name!

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MunchyMunchkin Thu 13-Feb-20 15:36:48


That’s all we have on the shortlist,DH likes one and I like another. We both don’t mind the third.
What shall we go for?
(Surname is Forde)

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Whatsyourflava Thu 13-Feb-20 15:38:07

Miles ❤️

RC10 Thu 13-Feb-20 15:38:23

I love Fraser!! All lovely names though

blondie87 Thu 13-Feb-20 15:41:52

Miles 100%. Such a fab name!

NSFW Thu 13-Feb-20 15:50:04

Miles or Fraser.

Not Lewis. Really dislike Lewis.

Emijen Thu 13-Feb-20 15:53:13

I like Fraser

SquigglePigs Thu 13-Feb-20 16:12:28

I think Fraser sounds best with your surname.

emmathedilemma Thu 13-Feb-20 17:15:01

Don’t like miles and Fraser Forde sounds like a car dealership!

bridgetreilly Thu 13-Feb-20 17:24:08

Lewis Forde works best of your three, I think.

abstractzebra Thu 13-Feb-20 17:31:24

As soon as I saw your surname, I thought Adam, even though it's not on the list!
I've got an Adam and he's the loveliest son a mum could have 😍

MikeUniformMike Thu 13-Feb-20 17:41:21


Poppydaisies Thu 13-Feb-20 17:42:51


Poppydaisies Thu 13-Feb-20 17:44:11

Miles (at least in the UK) is a unit of measurement. All roads and speed are measured in Miles!

I like Fraser best.

99bb Thu 13-Feb-20 17:49:53

Love them all!

user1493494961 Thu 13-Feb-20 18:11:37

I don't think Fraser works with your surname. Lewis probably goes best.

RoseMartha Thu 13-Feb-20 18:27:30


Sexnotgender Thu 13-Feb-20 18:28:19

With your surname I think Lewis works best.

mistermagpie Thu 13-Feb-20 18:28:24

Miles Forde is great!

Philipippa Thu 13-Feb-20 19:22:33

Fraser Forde! Miles also great.

EmmiJay Thu 13-Feb-20 19:38:18

Miles is wonderful. whispers as is Samuel...

Candleflamingbright Thu 13-Feb-20 19:45:44

Definately Miles!!

Poppydaisies Thu 13-Feb-20 20:19:59

Miles Forde sounds too car like. As in how many miles your Ford has hmm

IVflytrap Thu 13-Feb-20 21:08:21

Lewis is nice and goes the best with your surname. Miles makes me think of mileage when paired with Forde. Fraser Forde is too much F.

Sparklypurpleunicornsaremyfav Thu 13-Feb-20 21:09:41

Lewis but as someone else suggested so is Samuel

OxOwl2 Thu 13-Feb-20 21:11:48

I prefer Louis to Lewis. We had Miles on our list - it is classic but cool too. How about Ray? Jude?

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