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Shortlist for each

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yestonodressyet Thu 13-Feb-20 13:17:57

Theodore - worried it's overused now
Monty - DH unsure as 'we're not posh'
Winston - both like but not sure we love it


Surname is double barrelled with different sounds so doesn't have to go with that really

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MikeUniformMike Thu 13-Feb-20 15:01:05

Theodore - thoroughly dislike, overused. Theo is overused but better
Monty - a bit too nicknamey
Winston - love it

Clementine - too fruity
Matilda - overused

userabcname Thu 13-Feb-20 15:02:06

I love Winston and Clementine! Two of my favourite names.

IckleBear Thu 13-Feb-20 15:18:17

How about;


Grufallosfriends Thu 13-Feb-20 15:26:02

Theodore - overused especially Theo
Monty - too nicknamey
Winston - love it - great strong and cool!

Clementine - love it.
Matilda - overused and dull

Poppydaisies Thu 13-Feb-20 15:28:04

Love Winston and Clementine!

Theodore and Matilda are indeed a little dull, from being overused.

Whatsyourflava Thu 13-Feb-20 15:30:56

Love Clementine and Matilda
Matilda much rarer than it used to be and Clementine getting more popular

Whatsyourflava Thu 13-Feb-20 15:37:38

Don’t like Monty. I promise I never usually say this but I really see it as dogs name

ParsleyPot Thu 13-Feb-20 15:52:23

Theodore - nice
Monty - no, it's a diminutive of Montgomery or Montague
Winston - reminds me of Michael Whitehall's doll...

Clementine - nice
Matilda - nice

Whatsyourflava Thu 13-Feb-20 16:14:00

I love Theodore

Other ideas:
Christopher or Kit
Rafferty nn Raffy

Whatsyourflava Thu 13-Feb-20 16:14:24

If you like Winston how about Wilfred? Nn Wilf

Mamabear88 Thu 13-Feb-20 17:01:09

Your girl names aren't my cup of tea, sorry.

I love Theodore. Winston is also really good. My nephew is Montague (Monty) and let's just say it raised a few eyebrows when they announced the name. There was a lot of 'oh that's rather posh!'. It does sound very public school boy to me.

I like pp suggestion of Wilfred (Wilf) too.

Tatum1234 Thu 13-Feb-20 17:02:11

Monty and Clementine are fab! Clementine has been my favourite for years, so sad I didn’t get to use it.

Standrewsschool Thu 13-Feb-20 17:05:21

Theodore - lovely
Monty - good, but prefer Montgomery with Monty as nn
Winston - don’t partupicularlynlike

Clematine - love
Matilda. - ok

Other suggestions
Donovan (Donny


Nowayorhighway Thu 13-Feb-20 17:20:45

Clementine is my girls name of choice. I love Matilda too but I think it’s quite common.

I only like Winston from your boys list.

user1493494961 Thu 13-Feb-20 18:17:53

Love Clementine and Matilda, Theo is nice, know a nice little Monty, think it's OK. Dislike Winston.

yestonodressyet Thu 13-Feb-20 19:53:07

Sorry should have said Monty would have Montgomery on the birth certificate.
As PPs have suggested I love wilf(red) snd really pushes for it for DS1 but DH was a firm no on using it!

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Pieceofpurplesky Thu 13-Feb-20 20:01:59

I really don't like Winston but love Winnie for a girl!
Not a fan of Clementine, Matilda (Tilly or Matty is lovely).
I do like Theo and taught a lovely Monty

Pieceofpurplesky Thu 13-Feb-20 20:03:27

I know someone (just remembered) who has called their DD Wilhelmina - Billie or Mina as a NN and I love the nn

mamablondie Thu 05-Mar-20 09:08:13

Love Theodore and Matilda - if you like it Go for it! You’ll regret not using a name just because it’s popular, give it a few years and it probably won’t be.

diddlediddle Thu 05-Mar-20 09:12:28

LOVE Montgomery nn Monty. Much better than Winston (sounds kind of fusty) and Theodore (it's very nice but quite common).

Matilda is a bit overdone and clunky for me. Love Clementine, unsure about Clemmy nn but Clementine is really lovely.

DoctorBambino Thu 05-Mar-20 11:03:37

Theodore - I really like it but it does seem popular
Monty - I like and don't think it sounds any more 'posh' than all the other names in your list!
Winston - makes me think of a gorilla?!
Clementine - too frilly for my taste
Matilda - I like it and LOVE nn Tilly

Bezalelle Thu 05-Mar-20 11:26:29

Theodore - it's overused now.
Monty - weird.
Winston - awful. Reminds me of a jowly Churchill.

Clementine - 'Clem' is such an ugly sound. Like slang for genitals.
Matilda - pretty.

cheesecakeorchocolatecake Thu 05-Mar-20 11:26:30

Monty is just awful, sorry! And it's becoming more popular. I now know 3!
I ADORE Clementine.

Lavenderblues Thu 05-Mar-20 15:36:26

Love Winston and Clementine!

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