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Which boys name out of these two please?

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Cuckoome Thu 06-Feb-20 12:25:30


I'm due in a little boy in March. We already have an Isaac (if that helps)

After going through what seems like hundreds of names we have finally agreed on these two.


I really like both, so having trouble making a desicion.

Which do you prefer and why?

Thank you mums x

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Clettercletterthatsbetter Thu 06-Feb-20 12:42:44

Jude. I think it’s less popular (though I may be wrong) and I just really love the name!

Iwantmychairback Thu 06-Feb-20 12:50:40

Jude. Love it

Mamabear88 Thu 06-Feb-20 12:53:42

I prefer Jude as well.

userabcname Thu 06-Feb-20 13:09:11

I prefer Jude. I'm not really a fan of Rowan and never have been although I can't really explain why!

OnlyFoolsnMothers Thu 06-Feb-20 13:13:22


Sexnotgender Thu 06-Feb-20 13:13:46

Hate Jude, love Rowan.

Frothybothie Thu 06-Feb-20 13:14:16

Rowan. Unless you prefer something Obscure.

BlueEyedFloozy Thu 06-Feb-20 13:15:11

I prefer Rowan.

Whynosnowyet Thu 06-Feb-20 13:17:59

I have a Roan.

74NewStreet Thu 06-Feb-20 13:18:51


Urkiddingright Thu 06-Feb-20 13:25:08


NoSauce Thu 06-Feb-20 13:25:21

Rowan is lovely.

Flymetothestars Thu 06-Feb-20 13:43:46

I much prefer Jude because all the Rowan’s I know are girls. I also find Rowan too similar to Roman and that was last years’ fastest rising top 100 name (I think Roman Kemp and Roman Atwood the famous YouTuber will propel the name to top 10/20 in no time). Also similar to RoHan/RoNan etc etc
Jude is a bit more special as not so similar to other names

Flymetothestars Thu 06-Feb-20 13:44:12

Ps Isaac is a lovely classic name. Great choice

DramaAlpaca Thu 06-Feb-20 13:45:59

I prefer Jude.

GroggyLegs Thu 06-Feb-20 13:48:21


Rowan is nice, but to me it's a girls name.

74NewStreet Thu 06-Feb-20 13:52:56

Yes, Rowan is primarily used for girls these days. Then again; Jude would have been considered a girls name not too long ago.

mistermagpie Thu 06-Feb-20 13:54:22

Judes are ten a penny round here but I've never met a Rowan. Is it Row as in 'row your boat' or Row and in to rhyme with how?

PlantPotting Thu 06-Feb-20 13:54:28

Jude is a good strong choice.
My baby daughter is called Rowan so obviously I like the name but it is a bit annoying there’s 2 Roman’s at the small local nursery, so shes “Rowan with a W”. Wouldn’t have chosen it if I’d realised how popular Roman is becoming. A couple of years ago no one was called Roman and now it’s the name that’s jumped the most in the top 100! Obviously a trendy name having its moment 🙈

Disfordarkchocolate Thu 06-Feb-20 13:55:15

I really like them both but I think Jude just edges it. How about Rowan Jude?

GaraMedouar Thu 06-Feb-20 13:58:39

Jude - but then I can't say my r's so Rowan is out!

Avocadosontoast Thu 06-Feb-20 14:00:03


I don't like Jude at all. I know lots of female Judes and Judys, often short for Judith.

Jude doesn't travel well into other languages. In German it's pronounced Yoo deh and means Jew.

SquigglePigs Thu 06-Feb-20 14:04:00

I prefer Rowan. Think Jude sounds a bit harsh. Isaac is a lovely name.

ParadiseLaundry Thu 06-Feb-20 14:04:51

I love both names but slightly prefer Rowan.

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