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Emily or Annabelle to go with Charlotte?

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tyros2 Sun 19-Jan-20 18:43:40

I’m struggling between Emily and Annabelle for Charlotte’s sister’s name...

I think Charlotte is elegant, classy, classic and timeless, with beautiful and sweet pronunciation. I decided to use this name without any hesitation at that time...

Which pair is the most matching to Charlotte, matching maybe in terms of whether they both share similar feelings (like elegant, classy, classic and timeless), how they sound together, etc., I don’t know...

And as well as looking at the names individually (not in a pair with Charlotte), Emily vs. Annabelle, which one would be more preferable?

Any thoughts and suggestions would be highly appreciated! Thanks all!

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NoSauce Sun 19-Jan-20 19:06:46

Annabel. Emily is a bit dated and boring to me.

Other names that would go with Charlotte are Alice, Madeleine, Elizabeth, Jemima, Lucy.

cloudyrain Sun 19-Jan-20 19:07:59

Emily, not a fan of Annabelle and if I was I would spell it as Annabel
If not Emily how about Emmeline or Victoria or Elizabeth

Marmite27 Sun 19-Jan-20 19:08:13

Well Emily and Charlotte were two of the Bronte sisters. Depends if you’re bothered by that.

daisypond Sun 19-Jan-20 19:08:16

Annabel is the more usual spelling in the UK. Annabelle is a bit naff. I’d probably go with Annabel alongside Charlotte. Emily is OK but a bit too much Bronte.

QuintusEstInHorto Sun 19-Jan-20 19:25:25

Both lovely names, although I also prefer the Annabel spelling. I'd go with Emily as a pretty balance to Charlotte.

OneKeyAtATime Sun 19-Jan-20 19:34:26

Emily for me

user1493494961 Sun 19-Jan-20 19:43:52


WindyMiller1020 Sun 19-Jan-20 19:50:27

I dont like Annabelle at all really but I do like Annie as a nn.

I'm not that keen on Emily either although its perfectly usable and much prefer it to Annabelle!

helia Sun 19-Jan-20 19:54:31


Emsmomma Sun 19-Jan-20 19:54:56

Emily for me but only because I have my own 'Emilie' smile

diddlediddle Sun 19-Jan-20 20:39:00

I agree that the Annabelle spelling is naff and doesn't go well with the classic Charlotte.

Annabel is ok but I think Emily is better. Or Emmeline, or Alexandra.

cttontail Sun 19-Jan-20 21:00:24

Emily. My favourite name and they're a natural set because of the Brontes. We have that pairing and I love it.

MyuMe Sun 19-Jan-20 21:03:10

Alexandra is awesome

I prefer Annabelle to Emily but that is because Emily is so over popular at the moment.

17caterpillars1mouse Sun 19-Jan-20 21:31:43

I really like both, though much prefer the Annabel spelling, it definitely seems more classical than Annabelle

I think if I had to choose I'd go with Annabel as I love the nn Annie but I also really like Emily nn Emmy

BronteSisters Sun 19-Jan-20 21:47:07

I have an Emily and a Charlotte. I love those names. Classic and pretty. And of course they're the Bronte sister's names. My youngest, Charlotte loves to tell people that she and her sister were named after the female authors.

BoomZahramay Sun 19-Jan-20 21:49:20

Annabelle (prefer this spelling for the symmetry) is the nicer name of the two imo. Its's prettier, fresher and pluckier.

Emily is overused and very predictable with Charlotte. I've always thought it a bit prim.

Whatsyourflava Sun 19-Jan-20 22:44:06

I really love the name Emily. It’s such a classic and goes perfect with Charlotte

Whatsyourflava Sun 19-Jan-20 22:45:37

Ps. I don’t know if you’re fussed about popularity but the number of children called Emily has been declining each and every year for past 20 years so it’s much less common than it used to be (according to the official ons data)

DramaAlpaca Sun 19-Jan-20 22:47:37

I prefer Emily, but I'm thinking Annabelle with Charlotte.

I'd normally say to use the spelling Annabel, as I think Annabelle is too fussy & frilly. But Annabelle actually works better with Charlotte because they have similar types of ending.

MoreHairyThanScary Sun 19-Jan-20 22:48:48

I have one of each ( and was going to have Charlotte for my dd2!) 😃 I think I would go with Annabelle ( mine has this spelling I think the other looks unfinished).

Pinkbonbon Sun 19-Jan-20 22:50:51

I like Annabelle but really it's an awful long name.

My name first and last alone makes up maybe 20 letters and it's such a pain to sign( takes ages). I guess a middle name doesn't have to be signed but if I had kids I think I would make a point of giving them really short names lol.

Pippilangstrumpfi Sun 19-Jan-20 22:56:26

Emily is more classic and goes better with Charlotte.

Annabel is the nicest and more elegant spelling. Annabelle has the emphasis on the belle and looks naff and overly frilly. In English Annabel is much nicer!

Astronica Mon 20-Jan-20 00:51:04

Both Emily and Annabel go very well next to Charlotte. If you use Annabel spelling I would choose that as best meeting your description. But if Annabelle spelling then I think Emily is best.

Lavenderblues Mon 20-Jan-20 07:56:38

Emily definitely. Or Alice.

I agree that Annabel is much nicer, more classy and more English. I dislike Annabelle.

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