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Page 2 | Struggling to agree on names! Please help

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WeeDinah Tue 14-Jan-20 13:37:09

Myself and partner are struggling to agree on names. I have 2 DS ages 18 and 16 called Regan and Logan and my partner has 2 DC ages 20 and 19 called Ryan and Robyn.

I like River but my partner hates it. We both like Summer for a girl and my partner also likes Paisley for a girl but we live in Glasgow so I feel we live really really close to the town called Paisley??? My partner also would like to name a boy after his father Walter??? Thoughts??? I'm not so keen although the idea is lovely.

Surname will be Parker, any suggestions?

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emmathedilemma Thu 16-Jan-20 12:14:29

What about Clyde for a boy given you like River for a girl? ;)
i think Summer goes with your other names but I don't think Walter really does.

emmathedilemma Thu 16-Jan-20 12:15:38

or is River for a boy??

SheChoseDown Thu 16-Jan-20 12:21:35

Walter is ace!! Little waltsmile


JKScot4 Thu 16-Jan-20 12:26:05

Running them together, SummER ParkER
RivER ParkER.
I think they’re a mouthful, maybe short names not ending in ER, Rocco Parker doesn’t gel either.

Eeeeek2 Thu 16-Jan-20 12:40:34

I think a little baby Walt is cute.

AlpacaGoodnight Fri 17-Jan-20 20:11:57

I like Summer and Walter but don't like Paisley sounds harsh in my head!

Tayla9889 Mon 20-Jan-20 10:52:29

I know a little boy named Walter and it really suits him. He’s brought young life back into the classical name.

WeeDinah Tue 21-Jan-20 14:35:25

@tayla9889 it's really starting to grow on me, it is kinda cute

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