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kaezarose Mon 13-Jan-20 09:37:10

Just wondering what reactions I can expect to these names. Unless I hear something immaculate, these are what DH and I have agreed upon. Finding out the gender next week!

Girl: Aurora LaClaire (La in the middle name is a family pass down)

Boy: Archer Benjamin

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Flymetothestars Mon 13-Jan-20 09:40:33

Love the girl name. Love the sound of this beautiful name. Reminds me also of Delilah and Ophelia

Flymetothestars Mon 13-Jan-20 09:41:07

Archer I’ve not heard before but I really like it

notaregularmom Mon 13-Jan-20 09:41:44

Not a fan of Laclaire it sounds like eclair. What about Larosa?

Boys name is not to my taste but is a fine name.

Flymetothestars Mon 13-Jan-20 09:42:23

I guess “LaClaire” is pretty unusual so you might get a few raised eyebrows but people are much more accepting of unusual middle names as they rarely get used anyway. Having watched Gavin and Stacey recently the La bit makes me think of “Gav-La” “Pam-La” STC but who cares

Flymetothestars Mon 13-Jan-20 09:42:53

Etc not STC

sel2223 Mon 13-Jan-20 09:54:50

I agree with PP, LaClaire just sounds like Eclair lol

Love Archer Benjamin

kaezarose Mon 13-Jan-20 09:57:20

Thanks, guys smile glad to hear the positives. And when I thought up LaClaire I also immediately thought of eclair and it turned me off of it for a bit. But I could never stop thinking about the name so I decided not to let it bother me. Little girl will be sweet like an eclair lol

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Mumma4262 Mon 13-Jan-20 12:40:34

I really like Archer, I love older names.

I am expecting now and if it’s a boy this will be his middle name. (We already have a first name) .

PlantPotting Mon 13-Jan-20 12:55:05

Love Aurora and Archer ❤️

I don’t really focus on middle names as they’re hardly ever used anyway but both are fine

MopsRUs Mon 13-Jan-20 18:22:29

Personally I like Aurora, not so keen on Archer and occupation names in general, but if you love it then use it!

firsttimeivfmum Mon 13-Jan-20 20:17:53

Love them. Both lovely choices smile

AlpacaGoodnight Mon 13-Jan-20 20:24:32

Really like them both!

littlealexhorne Mon 13-Jan-20 21:14:07

I really love Archer Benjamin, but not keen on either girls names. Aurora always feels a bit Disney to me.

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