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Would it rhyming siblings’ names bother you?

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Ithoughtyouwere Mon 13-Jan-20 09:08:34

Desperately trying to find a name for DD2, currently thinking of one name in particular but it rhymes with DD1's name. I know ultimately when they're older it wouldn't matter, and they're not twins, but thinking of people's reactions is putting me off!

Would it bother you and would you judge someone else with rhyming siblings' names?

It's not Tess and Jess or anything but the ends of their names rhyme.

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sel2223 Mon 13-Jan-20 09:27:31

I wouldn't personally do it as I'm a bit funny about double initials and sound-a-like names. I know someone who's 2 kids are Sam and Dan and I just find it a bit strange to be honest (sorry)
It's your choice though and if it doesn't bother you, then go for it.

kaezarose Mon 13-Jan-20 09:29:48

Personally I dont see an issue, especially with just the ends rhyming. (Like haley and kaley) Some people will disagree, but if it's the name you want to go with, that's all that matters. smile

Helenluvsrob Mon 13-Jan-20 09:32:02

My sis and I both have names ending a. Think Ella and Gemma but not.
Never been an issue

AgnusandMagnus Mon 13-Jan-20 09:33:32

Yeah that's odd and would make a lot of people smirk. I don't think they'll thank you for it.

frankincenseandmur Mon 13-Jan-20 09:34:23

I think if it doesn’t bother you go for it! It bothered me, so my 4 all have names that sound different.

allthesharks Mon 13-Jan-20 09:47:41

From a practical point of view, imagine when they're a bit older and you call one of them to come downstairs, for example, will it be obvious which name you're calling? If it isn't, you might find that you end up using shortenings/nicknames to make the names sound different. That in itself isn't a problem, unless you wouldn't like it. Just something to consider.

Namethecat Mon 13-Jan-20 09:52:02

Not rhyming but I knew a family when I was growing up, a large family, their surname started with an M likewise their first name. Marie , Michael , Marion, Martin , Mark , Michelle .

sel2223 Mon 13-Jan-20 09:53:06

@namethecat just like the Kardashians 🙈

Flymetothestars Mon 13-Jan-20 09:54:49

Could you tell us the names? @Ithoughtyouwere

bridgetreilly Mon 13-Jan-20 09:57:33

There's rhyming and rhyming.

If it's like Emily and Bryony or Ava and Thea where it's just a common ending sound like -ee, -a, -ia, I wouldn't worry. But if it's a bit more obvious than that then I think it can sound silly.

Forcryingoutloudwtf Mon 13-Jan-20 09:59:52

Do you mean like Matt and Pat?

cstaff Mon 13-Jan-20 10:03:47

I have two friends who are sisters (not twins) whose names are Julie and Shirley which don't sound that alike but it is easy to confuse them. I have often called them Jirley and Shulie for instance so if I'm honest I would avoid it.

bridgetreilly Mon 13-Jan-20 13:27:41

In the Nope category:
Maisie and Daisy
Emma and Gemma
Addison and Madison
Chloe and Zoe
Lily and Millie
Sara and Cara

Blake and Jake
Daniel and Nathaniel
Miles and Giles

Ithoughtyouwere Mon 13-Jan-20 17:54:44

The names are Lyra & Delilah

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Cooper88 Mon 13-Jan-20 17:57:33

Those are both lovely names and I would go for it personally

EineReiseDurchDieZeit Mon 13-Jan-20 17:58:16

Mm that's a bit too close soundwise

Lyra and the Lilah sound

I think, anyway

AgnusandMagnus Mon 13-Jan-20 19:06:21

Who came first? If it's Delilah then no I wouldn't because she really couldn't use Lilah with a sister called Lyra. It's just too close. I'd branch out and try to give them completely different names.

bridgetreilly Mon 13-Jan-20 19:31:54

I wouldn't use Lyra and Delilah, no.

MikeUniformMike Mon 13-Jan-20 19:55:44

I know a Sam and his brother Dan. Nice names. I didn't think it odd.

MikeUniformMike Mon 13-Jan-20 19:57:15

Delilah is awful and Lira and Lila(h) is too much.

RachelEllenR Mon 13-Jan-20 19:59:35

I think they're too similar. I purposely chose quite different sounding names, I didn't even want similar endings though.

Quizeerascal Mon 13-Jan-20 20:04:15

I think those names are fine together. I was expecting something more similar (like Gemma and Emma) when I first read the op. Lots of siblings have names with similar endings. I know a Katie and Rosie for example, an Olivia and Noah and a Julia and Elena and its never even occurred to me that they rhyme.

StormBaby Mon 13-Jan-20 20:09:56

I know a few families like this and I do judge a bit. Two families have all the kids ending in the 'ley' sound, boys and girls. One has seven kids and they all end in - ley!

Another one I find very odd is when all the kids are named after or sound like someone else in the house. So feminine versions of dad's name etc. How uninspired and confusing!

Ithoughtyouwere Mon 13-Jan-20 20:16:45

I don’t really care for people’s thoughts on the names (hence why I didn’t include them in the op) as I like them both, but I do think the similarity/rhyming is putting me off too much which is a shame 😕. Back to the drawing board I suppose!

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