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Middle names for George

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RhymingRabbit3 Mon 13-Jan-20 07:51:40

We love the first name George for a bit and it goes well with our surname, but we are struggling for a middle name.

Looking at the family tree, the names are a bit goofy (Melvyn, Wally, Wayne etc) or just dont go (Michael, John). Suggestons would be great!

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RhymingRabbit3 Mon 13-Jan-20 07:52:07

Sorry for a boy not a bit

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BethanyGilbert Mon 13-Jan-20 07:58:49

Wallace rather than Wally?

Sandsnake Mon 13-Jan-20 07:59:48

I think you need something classic and long-ish (at least two syllables) with George. Ideas include

George Alexander (my favourite, but perhaps too much like the prince)
George William
George Henry
George Francis
George Edward

OnlyToWin Mon 13-Jan-20 08:00:34

George Richard

Keepmewarm Mon 13-Jan-20 08:05:03

George Thomas

Awwlookatmybabyspider Mon 13-Jan-20 08:12:45

George Francis
George Arthur
George Albert
George Lucas
George Andrew

RhymingRabbit3 Mon 13-Jan-20 08:21:37

I dont like Wallace at all, sorry.
I do like George Alexander but it's a bit like the prince and also Alexander is my cousin's name (we arent close enough to name after him).
I also like George Lucas but it's the name of a film director.

George William and George Arthur are lovely.
Thanks for the suggestions smile

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MikeUniformMike Tue 14-Jan-20 18:52:00

George Michael go together well.
Other suggestions:

MopsRUs Tue 14-Jan-20 19:54:31

George Daniel
George Isaac
George Samuel
George Vincent
George Theodore
George Noah
George Raymond
George Timothy
George Oliver
George Lawrence
George Alistair
George Nathaniel
George Peter

Ezra is a nice suggestion, but bear in mind there's a well known singer called George Ezra.

I don't know what your surname begins with, but just watch out for the initials. You might want to avoid GAG, GOB and GUN, for example.

upaladderagain Tue 14-Jan-20 20:13:29

Michael. Still miss him.

PlantPotting Tue 14-Jan-20 20:21:17

@MikeUniformMike you’re pulling our legs

How about

George Matthew
George Elliot

MikeUniformMike Tue 14-Jan-20 20:22:37

How remiss of me, I didn't suggest Bush. grin

finallychangedmyusername Tue 14-Jan-20 20:26:56

George Theodore
George Zachary
George Oliver
George Thaddeus
George Benedict
George Barnaby
George Adrian

My favourite is George Benedict

SheLivesInHope Tue 14-Jan-20 20:28:07

George Eliot is the name of an author and a hospital in Nuneaton!
I have a George Monty.

GaaaaarlicBread Tue 14-Jan-20 20:30:33

George Edward , George Francis , George Arthur ? I was going to say George Ezra but remembered he’s a singer lol

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