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CassandrasCastle Sat 11-Jan-20 17:32:28

Times are getting hard, my original shortlist for dd due in April has been torn up and I am all at sea..It's actually getting a bit stressful🤔
I think Ada is probably very overdone, but we both like it.
Theodora shortened to Thea is another contender, although DP likes it less.
What do people think?

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NoSauce Sun 12-Jan-20 12:37:09

Ada is horrible. Ugly and frumpy. Thea is nice.

joffreyscoffees Sun 12-Jan-20 12:53:41

They were all on my list and loved them all. We chose Thea in the end and we love it. It's never very popular where we are which is great too.

joffreyscoffees Sun 12-Jan-20 12:56:13

*not very popular.

It's still outside top 50 in the UK so I definitely don't think she'll ever be in a class with others, maybe not even the whole school. We're in West Yorkshire and I'm often told 'ooo that's unusual' when randoms ask her name.

CassandrasCastle Sun 12-Jan-20 18:41:14

(DPs Mum is currently calling the baby 'Aggie' in jest - I have a feeling she'll hate Ada grin)

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NoSauce Sun 12-Jan-20 18:45:50


(DPs Mum is currently calling the baby 'Aggie' in jest - I have a feeling she'll hate Ada grin

She would be right to. It’s hideous. There’s so many beautiful names out there to choose from OP. Don’t settle for one like Ada!

TheWashingMachine Sun 12-Jan-20 18:47:34

Theodora is wonderful

bridgetreilly Sun 12-Jan-20 19:09:59

@CassandrasCastle, I actually really love Agnes. Or Annis.

CassandrasCastle Sun 12-Jan-20 19:21:25

@NoSauce But I like it! confused It's not the final choice, no doubt the list will change a bit a couple more times..

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17caterpillars1mouse Sun 12-Jan-20 19:34:10

I love Theodora and Thea. Ada is becoming very popular very quickly which makes me think it will date

Batqueen Sun 12-Jan-20 19:37:01

Theodora! I’m now humming the song ‘Dear Theodora’ from Hamilton. If you don’t know it op look it up - it’s about a baby girl!

Iwillsleepin2020 Sun 12-Jan-20 19:49:45

Ada! Wanted it for our daughter but cousin got there first. Think it’s beautiful for a little girl but also classy for an adult

Confusednewmum1 Tue 14-Jan-20 22:40:57

All names where on our list and DD was called Ada as we left hospital. But I could quite settle on it, felt too harsh.... DH was disappointed as he loved it. We ended up with Lydia which neither of us loved but fitted just right after a week or so with no name. X

Ziggyb Tue 14-Jan-20 22:44:34

Robbie Williams has both

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