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GaaaaarlicBread Sat 11-Jan-20 15:13:39

Only 7 weeks pregnant so no idea what we’re having yet but DH and I have decided we really like the name Alessa- Lessie as a nick name . I equally like Alessia . What do you think ?
We have a few names we like but this one really stood out to us when we heard it on a film the other day . We don’t like Alyssia so we wouldn’t have that as an alternative .

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MrsBricks Sat 11-Jan-20 15:15:51

I would assume Alessa is a misspelling of Alessia (which is lovely).

SaorsaSolasta Sat 11-Jan-20 15:25:49

I really like both - I've never met either so I wouldn't assume any misspellings

MikeUniformMike Sat 11-Jan-20 15:27:47

I wouldn't.

anappleadaykeeps Sat 11-Jan-20 15:31:34

I wouldn't, as it is too similar to Alexa, and it is already annoying in our home when the Amazon Echo picks up what it thinks is "Alexa" and starts talking back.

daisypond Sat 11-Jan-20 15:51:59

Yes, it’s a lovely name. Italian diminutive of Alessandra. I know a couple.

Clettercletterthatsbetter Sat 11-Jan-20 16:25:03

I think Alessia is much nicer.

smemorata Sat 11-Jan-20 16:28:50

I live in Italy and have never heard of Alessa only Alessia.

MyCatScaresDogs Sat 11-Jan-20 16:30:48

I would go with Alessia or Alyssa (as opposed to Alyssia/Alicia).

lanbro Sat 11-Jan-20 16:34:58

I like Alessa, unusual without being silly which is what I tried to go for with my dds

DramaAlpaca Sat 11-Jan-20 23:11:02

Sorry, but it sounds like 'a lesser' something, 'evil' perhaps?

Alyssa or Alessia are better.

Flymetothestars Sat 11-Jan-20 23:14:28

Eh? No I’m not keen whatsoever

roiseandjim Sat 11-Jan-20 23:17:38

Love it

TheCanterburyWhales Sun 12-Jan-20 08:13:07

Alessa will just have her explaining that no, it's not Alessia and no, it's not Alexa.
If it bothers you, Alessia must currently be the Italian version of the 80s Karen as I have 7 in one class (of 18 girls) and at least 3 in my other ten classes.

Robstersgirl Sun 12-Jan-20 18:37:06

Lessie used to be a derogatory term for a lesbian when I was younger. Alessa reminds me of Ellesse the sports brand.

Sparklypurpleunicornsaremyfav Sun 12-Jan-20 19:39:01

Have to be honest, I get confused with the different spellings and pronunciations of these alissia names so on that basis it would be a no for me

Astronica Mon 13-Jan-20 02:38:13

It's pretty enough. I prefer stronger sounds though, and do agree with pp that all the Alicia, Alyssa, Alessia etc names start to sound the same. I much prefer Alessandra for a similar name.

GaaaaarlicBread Mon 13-Jan-20 09:14:19

Quite mixed then !! We will get a few other names in our jar and have a think when we know what we are having . Thank you smile

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Oriunda Wed 15-Jan-20 02:09:02

I like Alessia but it does make me laugh hearing my Italian father in law trying to get ‘Alessia’ to play something as he can’t manage ‘Alexa’.

Never heard of Alessa in Italy.

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