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Girls names

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Tayla9889 Sat 11-Jan-20 13:05:34

I have found so many names that I adore and cannot choose between them. Opinions and suggestions please!



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Tayla9889 Sat 11-Jan-20 13:06:42

Boys and girls names

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Clettercletterthatsbetter Sat 11-Jan-20 13:13:57

Alice - lovely, though popular
Halo - don’t like. Hero as an alternative?
Ireland - no
Scarlett - I don’t like it
Alba - love it
Noa - like it
Ada - like it
Rafferty - is a boys name
Blythe - nice
Allegra - nice
Cameron - is a boys name
Aspen - is a boys name
Aisling - it’s ok

Wolfgang - it feels like a lot of name to live up to
Beau - I don’t like it
Harley - I really don’t like it
Julian - nice, due a revival, possibly a bit ‘wet’
Henry - lovely, popular
Koa - I don’t like it
Maverick - I don’t like it
Hunter - I don’t like it
Winslow - I don’t like it
Otto - it’s nice, though I feel like every other boy at the moment is being given a name ending in ‘o’
Valentino - like it
Bowen - not keen
Killian - prefer it spelled Cillian, it’s quite nice
Roman - very popular
Wolfe - it’s quite nice

ParsleyPot Sat 11-Jan-20 13:25:17

Alice - lovely
Halo - no
Ireland - no
Scarlett - nice
Alba - nice
Noa - I prefer Norah
Ada - ok
Rafferty - no
Blythe - no
Allegra - ok
Cameron - no
Aspen - no
Aisling - ok

Wolfgang - no
Beau - no
Harley - maybe
Julian - lovely
Henry - lovely
Koa - no
Maverick - no
Hunter - no
Winslow - no
Otto - lovely
Valentino - no
Bowen - no
Killian - lovely
Roman - no
Wolfe - no

robin04031402 Sat 11-Jan-20 13:33:15

Alice - classic, easy to spell
Halo - not a fan
Ireland - very 'out there' if that's what you like
Scarlett - pretty but think it's a harsh sounding name
Alba - very similar to Albie?
Noa - may get miked up with Noah
Ada - nice and simple
Rafferty - no
Blythe - might be diffcult for her to say when she's younger
Allegra - no
Cameron - meaning is 'crooked nose'
Aspen - sounds lovely
Aisling - sounds nice

Wolfgang - no
Beau - no
Harley - ok
Julian - sounds too similar to Jullian
Henry - classic, lovely
Koa - short but too like Koala
Maverick - no
Hunter - becoming very common
Winslow - similar to Willow?
Otto - love this, can imagine someone old and young
Valentino - no, sounds like valentine
Bowen - will get sonfused with Rowan
Killian - very harsh name
Roman - again will get confused with Roman
Wolfe - people will spell it Wolf

Gingerkittykat Sat 11-Jan-20 13:45:14

Only use Alba if you are Scottish.

I would look up all of the definitions of maverick, it includes an unscupulous person, a type of missile and an unbranded calf.

Julian reminds me of the Famous Five.

IggyAce Sat 11-Jan-20 13:53:42

Alice -nice but plain in comparison to other choices.
Halo -computer game
Ireland - no
Scarlett - ok
Alba - ok
Noa - no
Ada - ok but becoming popular
Rafferty - no I see it as a boys name.
Blythe - ok
Allegra - I liked this for my dd but dh vetoed it.
Cameron - no
Aspen - no
Aisling - love

Wolfgang - no
Beau - ok
Harley - no makes me think of Harley Quinn
Julian - ok but a bit wet.
Henry - ok but popular
Koa -no
Maverick - not a fan
Hunter - ok but reminds me of Gladiators.
Winslow - awful
Otto ok
Valentino no
Bowen - not a fan
Killian - awful
Roman ok
Wolfe- like

Poorolddaddypig Sat 11-Jan-20 15:10:29

LOVE Noa and Scarlett! Now you mention it,Rafferty is pretty cool for a girl but I doubt MN will agree as MN hates boys names for girls. I think nickname Raffy would be cute for a girl though! What about Rafaela? I think Aspen sounds beautiful but would she be called Ass for a nickname?! Of your boys name I only like Otto. Actually Killian is pretty cool too.

Poorolddaddypig Sat 11-Jan-20 15:11:58

Oh and I love Alba! And of course you don’t need to be Scottish to use it hmm All the Albas I know are actually from Spanish speaking countries.

ojo821 Sat 11-Jan-20 16:06:37

Alice- bit plain, but ok.
Halo- I do think of the game
Ireland- no
Scarlett- nice
Alba- ok
Noa- no
Ada- lovelace
Rafferty- I quite like it
Blythe- Park near me
Allegra- really like
Cameron- ok
Aspen- not keen
Aisling- like

Wolfgang- kapp / puck
Beau- not keen
Harley- not keen
Julian- ok
Henry- ok
Koa- not sure how it’s pronounced but I like it
Maverick- not keen
Hunter- not keen
Winslow- no
Otto- quite like
Valentino- ok
Bowen- not keen
Killian- love this name
Roman- love it but very popular
Wolfe- not keen

userabcname Sat 11-Jan-20 16:20:35

I am now singing Halo by Beyonce after reading that OP! Unusual but I don't dislike it. I also like Ada and Allegra for a girl. I love Otto for a boy!

PlantPotting Sat 11-Jan-20 17:13:40

Here are my opinions on your Boys list:

Wolfgang - no sorry. He’s highly unlikely to be a famous musician and the name just puts too much pressure and embarrassment on him when he ultimately decides to work in an office like the rest of us

Beau - nice

Harley - bit downmarket. How about Harvey

Julian - wet but ok

Henry - love a classic

Koa - not heard before

Maverick - no for same reasons as Wolfgang above

Hunter - ok

Winslow - not heard before

Otto - LOVE LOVE LOVE (favourite)

Valentino - LOVE (2nd favouote)

Bowen - no too ripe for confusion with other names. Will spent life correcting people

Killian - no sounds like Killer

Roman - fastest rising boys name last year. Leaping up the charts will be top 10 in next year or so and then likely to badly date. I’m sure Darren sounded lovely and fresh to parents naming their kids in the 80s but it doesn’t sound good now. Roman is now a very run of the mill name but doesn’t have the benefit of being a classic (like Henry). I’d avoid

Wolfe - the Wolf’s I know so not have an E on the end. How about Wilf?

PlantPotting Sat 11-Jan-20 17:15:23

Boy name suggestions:

Christopher nn Kit
Barnaby /Barney
Nathan/Nathaniel /Nate
Rafferty / Raffy
Miles / Milo

Hope some of the above are helpful and fit the type of criteria you are after

PlantPotting Sat 11-Jan-20 17:17:19

Of your girls name I love Alice Ada and Scarlet best. Alice is one of my very favourites - such a classic

Here are some other suggestions:

Edith / Edie
Margaret /Maggie
Clementine/ Clemmie
Ottilie /Ottie

dreamsmama Sat 11-Jan-20 17:24:12

I really like Alice and Henry although I like quite classic names 🤗 x

Twelve8Ts Sat 11-Jan-20 22:40:54

Love Valentino and Valentine.

Flymetothestars Sat 11-Jan-20 22:49:06


For girls I love Alice, Scarlett, Rafferty and Ada

For boys I love Henry, Otto and Wolfe

Sorry Roman is awful and was last year’s fastest rising name according to ONS official stats. So whilst the name sounds quite fresh to our ears it’ll be very run of the mill to the next generation. There’s SO many Rohan/Roman/Roan/Ronan type names. And it’s booming. When there’s so many lovely names I’d avoid the one that is the fastest rising name and so ripe for confusion

Dietcokeaddiction Sat 11-Jan-20 23:58:07

Alice - nice.
Halo - awful.
Ireland - I can only imagine American girls called this. I don't like it at all
Scarlett - I wouldn't use it but I quite like it
Alba - lovely
Noa - I'm not a fan but I know a few. I wouldn't use it without Jewish heritage
Ada - lovely
Rafferty - nice for a boy, awful for a girl
Blythe - I love this. (Only because of Gilbert though)
Allegra - it's ok
Cameron - awful. Everyone will think she's names after Cameron Diaz
Aspen - not keen
Aisling - I really like this but pronunciation is an issue

Dietcokeaddiction Sun 12-Jan-20 00:03:03

Wolfgang - pronounced the proper German way (volf- gang) or an anglicisation? Either way I'm not keen
Beau - a bit dull.
Harley - down-market
Julian - I like this a lot but it's utterly different from your other choices
Henry - nice enough
Koa - sounds like a cross between boa and constrictor!
Maverick - awful
Hunter - awful
Winslow - sounds like Onslow which makes me think of Keeping Up Appearances. Our a window cleaner
Otto - nice
Valentino - ok. But really tough for the kids if he's not handsome
Bowen - ok, except it's a type of skin cancer
Killian - the ones I know are complete idiots but I would quite like the name if it wasn't for them
Roman - boring
Wolfe - ok. I wouldn't bother with the e because he'd have to spell it out every day of his whole life.

autumnkate Sun 12-Jan-20 07:50:10

Cillian is the proper spelling.

I LOVE Wolfe. Considered this for my youngest after the Irish freedom fighter Wolfe Tone.

autumnkate Sun 12-Jan-20 07:51:03

Don’t like Julian- seems a very ‘wet’ name to me

Flymetothestars Sun 12-Jan-20 10:52:36

@Dietcokeaddiction Bowen is a type of skin cancer? Errrr that’s that name ruled out forever then! It also sounds soo similar to Bowel. If the “N” isn’t written clearly people will read as Bowel.

Henry and Otto are nicest from your boys list. Agree that Roman is boring these days and booming in popularity (fastest rising name). Will date badly as it isn’t a classic the way Henry is.
For girls I love Alice and Ada

BobbyBlueCat Sun 12-Jan-20 11:01:03

Alice - pretty
Halo - ridiculous
Ireland - horrid
Scarlett - okay
Alba - unpleasant sounding
Noa - no
Ada - aunt who knits
Rafferty - trying too hard
Blythe - sounds like you're wretching
Allegra - 1980s footballers wives new money
Cameron - silly
Aspen - okay
Aisling - awful

Wolfgang - he'll get his head kicked in
Beau - dreadful
Harley - common as muck
Julian - wet blanket
Henry - lovely
Koa - ridiculous
Maverick - grow up
Hunter - are you 16?
Winslow - he'll get his head kicked in. Call his teddy bear that.
Otto - WW2 pilot
Valentino - ridiculous
Bowen - awful
Killian - you've got the spelling wrong. But not good.
Roman - meh
Wolfe - 1990s American TV

Astronica Sun 12-Jan-20 23:09:07

Love: Alice, Blythe
Like: Scarlett, Allegra

In the boy's list I only like Henry.

ilovechocolatebiscuits Mon 13-Jan-20 14:28:18

Alice- ugly name
Halo- chavvy
Ireland- also a bit chavvy
Scarlett- outdated
Alba- ok
Noa- I like it
Ada- no
Rafferty- ugly boys name
Blythe- I like it
Allegra- first thought was viagra
Cameron- I like it
Aspen- ok
Aisling- a horrible vile girl at my school

Wolfgang- I would go with Wolf
Beau- I like it
Harley- love it for a girl but it's ok for a boy
Julian- hate it
Henry- like it
Koa- no
Maverick- no
Hunter- no
Winslow- ok
Otto- ok
Valentino- NO
Bowen- no
Killian- no
Roman- ok
Wolfe- Wolf is better but no

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