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Final two choices for name - vote please!

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Starfish83 Fri 10-Jan-20 09:38:24

And we’re down to our final two...what do you think?

Rafael or Rufus?


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puds11 Fri 10-Jan-20 09:38:53


TheVanguardSix Fri 10-Jan-20 09:39:48


PlantPotting Fri 10-Jan-20 09:39:51


Engard Fri 10-Jan-20 09:42:04


hawaiianturtle Fri 10-Jan-20 09:49:08


Mol5 Fri 10-Jan-20 09:51:57

Rufus smile

APeakyBlinder Fri 10-Jan-20 09:53:39


MyCatScaresDogs Fri 10-Jan-20 09:54:22


Pinkyyy Fri 10-Jan-20 09:56:06


I always thought Rufus was more of a pets name

Yika Fri 10-Jan-20 09:57:03

Both equally lovely. Rufus is more unusual.

SAMX19 Fri 10-Jan-20 09:59:28

Definitely Rafael! Nicer shortenings also.

SaltedCaramelEverything Fri 10-Jan-20 10:04:15

Rafael as love nn option as Rafi

kenandbarbie Fri 10-Jan-20 10:15:16

Rafael I think

SundayMorningSun Fri 10-Jan-20 10:22:58


DrivingMsCrazy Fri 10-Jan-20 10:59:49

Rafael! Great name.

I know at least 3 dogs named Rufus within a square mile of my house.

Whynosnowyet Fri 10-Jan-20 11:18:20

Please don't give your ds a ddoggy name!

Disfordarkchocolate Fri 10-Jan-20 11:19:35

Rafael. I like Rufus too but it's a pet name to me.

EnriqueTheRingBearingLizard Fri 10-Jan-20 11:22:10


Swinesinsleepingbags Fri 10-Jan-20 11:24:12

Rufus is a pet name and means red haired one.

PlantPotting Fri 10-Jan-20 11:24:19

I’d like to switch my vote to Rafael please

I’m not mad about the name (prefer Rafferty) but I really love the nickname Raffy

June705 Fri 10-Jan-20 11:25:18

Rufus! 100%

emmathedilemma Fri 10-Jan-20 11:26:09

I'm not mad on either but of the two Rufus.

DailyFailAreTwats Fri 10-Jan-20 11:46:24

Rufus by a mile! Unless you have Italian roofs.

Colinthedog Fri 10-Jan-20 11:51:42


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