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Page 4 | Need help with name for Charlotte's younger sister

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tyros2 Wed 25-Dec-19 22:31:18

Looking for a name for our newborn baby girl. Her sister's name is Charlotte, and need help to figure out a matching name that goes with Charlotte. Here are the names on my list. I would love to hear your opinions about them, or any suggestion or other ideas that you might have!

Annabelle (love it, sounds beautiful, but somewhat concerned about the recent horror movie series with the same name)
Isabelle (would be my alternative to Annabelle)
Chloe (also begins with a 'C')

Thank you all!

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Kim82 Mon 13-Jan-20 11:39:16

I have a Charlotte, her sisters are Leah and Megan.

I love Emma from your list (we almost used it for our Charlotte) and I think Jessica goes well with the name too.

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