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20wedding19 Thu 05-Dec-19 20:04:50

Hi all,
My husband and I got married in January. We are TTC now.
I have French roots and my husband is from an African country but both of us have been living in the UK (me - 20 years and he 12 years)
StCyr is an Old French surname meaning Victory. If we had a girl we would like to call our child this and pronounce it Sincere as in my husbands country it is very popular to call your child things like that (Praise, Glory etc)
I actually know a little girl who is currently 4 with this name but I haven't had chance to talk to her mum yet about it
Totally hypothetical now but AIBU to want to call a girl, if we have one StCyr but pronounce it Sincere?

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mildlymiffed Thu 05-Dec-19 20:05:35

I wouldn't. No one will ever be able able to pronounce it.

MikeUniformMike Thu 05-Dec-19 20:09:31

Have you considered StDhurst for a boy? It's pronounced Sandhurst.

MockneyReject Thu 05-Dec-19 20:11:07

It's only like St.John/Sinjun, though, isn't it? I assumed Sincere, because of that.

mondler Thu 05-Dec-19 22:45:45

Its a nice name but I really struggled trying to work out what the name was when I saw the thread title. They would have to spell their name out every time which would put me off I'm afraid.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Thu 05-Dec-19 22:49:51

To me first glace it looks like Stacy gone hideously wrong

PenelopeFlintstone Thu 05-Dec-19 22:53:17

How about Sincerity instead? Sort of sounds like Verity, Felicity, etc.

PenelopeFlintstone Thu 05-Dec-19 22:53:49

They'll call her Sin for short though. Are you religious?

ChateauMyself Thu 05-Dec-19 22:53:56

I would have pronounced it St (saint) Seer.
If you told me it’s a French derivation, then I’d want to say ‘San’ for St.

There’s plenty of virtue names that work better for the U.K. - Mercy, Grace, Prudence, Honour, Liberty...

user1493494961 Thu 05-Dec-19 22:54:52

It's a no from me.

Tortoiser Thu 05-Dec-19 22:54:58

A) i can imagine it would be a massive pain the arse to constantly explain / correct the pronunciation of your name, and
B) sincere (imho) isn’t a very nice name to have. (what if she isn’t?)

TheHobbitMum Thu 05-Dec-19 22:58:12

It's also a absolute no from me, no one will be able to pronounce it or understand the name at all. If you were in the country that uses the names like that it would make so much more sense but your child will have a lifetime of having to explain/spell their name.

balletpanda Thu 05-Dec-19 23:06:47

No, please dont.

Also st cyr in french is "san seer" (obviously depending on regional accent) if written phonetically in English. In English it's pronounced "sin seer" phonetically.

Therefore to ask people to call her sincere isn't correct either and is illogical so you'll be constantly correcting people as nobody, whether or french or English will be able to say her name without prompt.

mpsw Thu 05-Dec-19 23:09:08

It's pronounced SanSear, and I think you could make it quite hard for your DC to have it said differently (lifetime of explaining it's not that)

In case you didn't know, it's the name of the French military college, to to people familiar with the Forces it's like calling your DC Sandhurst or West Point.

MummytoE Thu 05-Dec-19 23:15:17

I would say no. You would be setting her up for a lifetime if having to spell her name and correct people etc. It's not really fair I don't think.

CherryPavlova Thu 05-Dec-19 23:20:56

I think it sounds like a mispelled/mispronounced wine.
I think Sincerity is quite nice if I think about it.

ElluesPichulobu Thu 05-Dec-19 23:23:13

how about:

Collision Thu 05-Dec-19 23:23:19


She won’t thank you for it when she’s older.

CurlyWurlyTwirly Thu 05-Dec-19 23:25:55

I think it’s a cool idea, but only as a middle name.

EatsFartsAndLeaves Thu 05-Dec-19 23:28:11

I thought it would be pronounced "Sticker". Big fat no from me, sorry!

Chienloup Thu 05-Dec-19 23:28:14

I think it's a lovely name, but pronounce it San-sear.

Lochroy Thu 05-Dec-19 23:29:41

I thought there was a typo in the thread title blush

And even when confirmed by OP in the thread that it's the correct spelling, I wouldn't be sure how to pronounce it and would likely go French in a way that's not how OP has intended. No one needs this level of complexity (I have it, I hate it).

MrsBertBibby Fri 06-Dec-19 00:01:14

St Cyr doesn't mean Victory. It's the name of the elite military academy of France. The motto is "ils s'instruisent pour vaincre" meaning something like "they learn to overcome".

BackforGood Fri 06-Dec-19 00:20:57

I think I would hate to have that as a name - no-one will know how to say it when they see it written down and no-one will know how to write it down when they hear it said.
I work in a City with a massive number of dc from all round the world, and you do get used to names from all sorts of cultures, but I think that is tricky even for me.

ElluesPichulobu Fri 06-Dec-19 05:08:35

how about the name Serenity op? similar feel to your initial idea but without the spelling/pronounciation nightmare?

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