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Name trends for 2020

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QwertyBert Thu 05-Dec-19 04:07:14

Hi everyone,

I was wondering what you think might be the big name trends in 2020? I have met so many baby Arlo’s recently that I wonder if the likes of Jago and Margot will continue to go in popularity. I am living for all the traditional ‘nanna’ names like Dorothy, Ada and Pearl which remind popular. I’ve met some really strong (maybe more Northern European?) named little boys called Hans, Magus, Otis and Otto, which I think are great too.

What are you see where you live? 😊

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mathanxiety Thu 05-Dec-19 06:57:23

This is a US perspective.

Grufallosfriends Thu 05-Dec-19 07:50:40

I think for boys cutesy -ie names (Alfie, Archie, Teddie) are starting to fall out of fashion, while more solid sounding names like Roman, Arlo, Dexter, etc as well as solid classics like Peter, Andrew, Christopher, Quentin etc will rise in popularity.

For girls I expect a similar trend with Evie, Ellie, etc to decline and stronger and old fashioned names like Florence, Violet, Iris rising in popularity

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