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What do you think of these family names?

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Jj2431 Mon 02-Dec-19 19:34:56

Hi. So, some of these are family names and others are similar to family names. Tell me what you think.


- Frances
- Francesca
- Martha
- Elizabeth
- Georgia


- Anthony
- Francis
- Sean
- Albert
- Reginald

DivGirl Mon 02-Dec-19 19:42:04

Marianne - dated
-Irene - dated
-Iris - really like this, but quite popular depending where you live
- Frances - it's okay
- Francesca - again, I don't love it but it's inoffensive
- Martha - popular and I have no idea why
- Elizabeth - classic, I really like it
-Elsa - Let it go
-Bethany - fine
-Alyssa - dislike
-Jean - it's time has not come back yet
-Dorothy - fine
-Marielle - dislike
- Georgia - dislike


- Anthony - dislike
- Francis - it's fine
-John - inoffensive
- Sean - dislike
- Albert - piercing
-Daniel - I like this name a lot
- Reginald - name of one of my old pet rats. Lovely little thing. Huge testicles.

CalleighDoodle Mon 02-Dec-19 19:44:03

Like Frances and Daniel

CalleighDoodle Mon 02-Dec-19 19:44:45

Huge testicles


ikeakia Mon 02-Dec-19 20:03:40

I’m now only going to hear ‘huge testicles’ when I hear Reginald now.

In the voice of the lady from Love Actually who describes Martine Mcutcheon’s thighs.

Thetimetravelerswife Mon 02-Dec-19 22:07:30

Marianne- too middle aged
-Irene - too Middle Aged
-Iris- getting more trendy and I like it
- Frances - too formal
- Francesca - I like
- Martha - too Middle aged
- Elizabeth - beautiful classic
-Elsa - too frozen
-Bethany - so plain
-Alyssa - dislike
-Jean - denim jeans
-Dorothy - no
-Marielle - no
- Georgia - no


- Anthony - ok
- Francis - ok
-John - middle aged
- Sean - middle aged
- Albert - don’t like
-Daniel - middle aged
- Reginald - old aged

Astronica Mon 02-Dec-19 22:37:11

I like:

Iris, Frances, Francesca, Elizabeth, Elsa, Bethany, Jean, Georgia.

John, Albert, Daniel.

Calixtine Mon 02-Dec-19 23:40:57

Marianne ❤️

I like all your girls’ names bar Alyssa and Marielle.

I like all your boys’ names bar Sean, and maybe Reginald for being a bit much.

BoudicasBoudoir Tue 03-Dec-19 05:39:33

You see, I think Marianne is quite pretty. I think of Sense and Sensibility. And it’s unusual nowadays.

I only like Irene when the final ‘e’ is pronounced. Otherwise it’s one of those (to me unpleasant-sounding) ‘reen’ names like Doreen, Noreen. Margarine.

Out of your other names I personally would use:
Iris (though would hesitate because I know three), Frances, Elizabeth, Jean.

MikeUniformMike Wed 04-Dec-19 19:38:48

-Marianne - ok
-Irene - Ireenie pronunciation is nice, Ireen not so
-Iris - ok
- Frances - ok
- Francesca - ok
- Martha - ok
- Elizabeth - good
-Elsa - ok but Frozen might want to make you let it go
-Bethany - ok
-Alyssa - ok, but may mean that it gets mixed up with Alicia, Alisha.
-Jean - Jeannie is so cute
-Dorothy - Dot/Dotty as nn is fab
-Marielle - ok
- Georgia - ok

- Anthony - good
- Francis - ok
-John - good
- Sean - if Irish, otherwise use John
- Albert - no
-Daniel - ok
- Reginald - Reggie is quite popular

HotSince82 Wed 04-Dec-19 20:01:51

I like Marielle, Francesca, John and Anthony.

Ellmau Wed 04-Dec-19 20:55:32


-Marianne - Very nice
-Irene - meh
-Iris - lovely
- Frances - old fashioned
- Francesca - a bit 70s
- Martha - dull
- Elizabeth - good classic name
-Elsa - too Frozen, will date HORRIBLY
-Bethany - pretty but rather 80s
-Alyssa - pretty but 90s
-Jean - very old fashioned
-Dorothy - ditto plus Wizard of oz
-Marielle - pretty, unusual, think I prefer Mariella or Marietta though
- Georgia - nice, but maybe too 90s?


- Anthony - a good classic name, but name seem dated
- Francis - great classic name
-John - ditto, plus relatively unusual nowadays
- Sean - if you have Irish connections, otherwise it's a bit dated
- Albert - not keen
-Daniel - great name
- Reginald - not keen

AShaveAndAHarecutHalfPrice Wed 04-Dec-19 21:09:26

-Marianne - okay
-Irene - Boeing
-Iris - ugly sounding
- Frances - nice enough
- Francesca - much nicer
- Martha - too religious
- Elizabeth - plain
-Elsa - let it go
-Bethany - all right
-Alyssa - too frilly
-Jean - plain and not yet a classic
-Dorothy - no
-Marielle - doesn’t match any of the above
- Georgia - okay


- Anthony okay
- Francis okay
-John love it
- Sean very nice
- Albert yuk
-Daniel wonderful
- Reginald horrible

sawyersfishbiscuits Wed 04-Dec-19 21:11:42

I really like Marianne and Martha

BlackSwanGreen Wed 04-Dec-19 21:16:24

My favourites are: Marianne, Iris, Elizabeth, Anthony

Least favourites: Irene, Jean, Dorothy, Sean, Albert, Reginald

icecreamsundae32 Wed 04-Dec-19 21:21:42

Elizabeth and Daniel

I like Elsa but with frozen 2 just out might seem like you named her after the character. I don't mind Bethany and Alyssa - Alicia (pronounced A-liss-e-a) is also nice.

EleanorShellstrop100 Thu 05-Dec-19 02:00:06

I like Iris, Martha, Bethany and Albert. Daniel is fine.

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