Ro...Rose, Rosemary, Rosa, Rosie, Rosalie

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Strangeinthenight Mon 02-Dec-19 13:26:49

Which do you like best please? Or any other options?

Want to honour a late family member who went by Ro. A nickname, not her real name, which we don’t want to use.

Middle name Bethan.


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BillHadersNewWife Mon 02-Dec-19 13:27:48

Rose. People will call her Rosie etc anyway.

breakfastpizza Mon 02-Dec-19 13:28:30


AndNoneForGretchenWieners Mon 02-Dec-19 13:28:40

My friend Ro is a Rosanna. There's also Rowan, Rosina, Romilly, Veronica (maybe a bit of a stretch?).

Peachbubble Mon 02-Dec-19 13:31:12

I like Rose or Rosalie. I know a young Rosalind too.

MissHenty Mon 02-Dec-19 13:57:25

Rose is classic elegant and gorgeous

Outofmydepth75 Mon 02-Dec-19 13:59:38

I love all Rose names.
Rosanna and Rosalie are my favourites.


Winkywoop Mon 02-Dec-19 14:04:15

Rosalind, or Rosalie

WishThisWasGin Mon 02-Dec-19 14:06:34


GoGoLego Mon 02-Dec-19 14:08:08

I like all of them but especially Rosalie

Littleheart5 Mon 02-Dec-19 14:28:06

I’d go with Rosalind!

joystir59 Mon 02-Dec-19 14:29:15


joystir59 Mon 02-Dec-19 14:29:38


joystir59 Mon 02-Dec-19 14:30:08


EleanorShellstrop100 Mon 02-Dec-19 14:31:12


Dinosaursdontgrowontrees Mon 02-Dec-19 14:31:18

I love Rosalind or rosemary (I think both will be shorted to Rosie anyway)
Beautiful names.

ThursdayLastWeek Mon 02-Dec-19 14:32:24

I quite like Rowena? Might be a bit Harry Potter though.

Rose is classic, prefer Rosanna though I think.

joCmummy Mon 02-Dec-19 14:32:46

My eldest has the middle name Rosalind. But whatever you choose it'll be special because you're honouring your friend 🙂

Strangeinthenight Mon 02-Dec-19 14:35:38

Thanks everyone.

I think I’m even more confused now!! So many lovely names to choose from.

I think most likely we will go for Rose which is DHs favourite. I honestly like them all evenly!

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Militantmartha Mon 02-Dec-19 14:50:18

Romy, Rose and Rosa are all lovely

BonBon411 Mon 02-Dec-19 14:55:20


VenusClapTrap Mon 02-Dec-19 15:02:13

I love Rosemary, and you never hear it these days.

soupforbrains Mon 02-Dec-19 15:06:39

I like Roisin (pronounced Row-sheen), And I like Rosamund too.

Of those mentioned here I like Rose and Rosalind.

I know a Rosabella too.

MikeUniformMike Mon 02-Dec-19 17:37:00


titchy Mon 02-Dec-19 17:39:13

Rose won't be shortened to Ro though which you want I think? If so Rowan, Rowena.

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