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Fiadh or Roisin?

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agteacht Fri 29-Nov-19 23:44:21

Hi all

I know this has probably been done to death but any help with Irish girls names gratefully received. I'm Irish and DH is English, we are living in the UK.

Baby is due this week... we don't know what it is actually but if it's a boy I think we are set on Fionn. DH seems to be able to pronounce it okay!

I'm a bit more stuck on girls names for some reason and again think it's now down to Fiadh or Roisin.

Fiadh (fee-a) means wild or little deer, depending on what you read
Roisin (ro-sheen) means little rose

I liked Caoimhe but DH can't cope with the spelling and said it's like Quavers.... hmm

I've also thought about Aoife and I like Éabha but not mad about the spelling for some reason - I don't know why but I don't think it looks pretty!

Any views on Fiadh or Roisin, which do you think you would choose?

FrancescaSwan Wed 18-Dec-19 06:11:02

My vote is for Fiadh. Although I'm English and I would have had no idea how to pronounce it. It's more unusual than Roisin

agteacht Wed 18-Dec-19 00:48:20

Thank you all so much x

mathanxiety Mon 16-Dec-19 01:30:38



MrsNoMopp Sun 15-Dec-19 19:11:33


AlwaysOnAbloodyDiet Sun 15-Dec-19 16:56:10

Congratulations flowers

Enjoy the snuggles with baby Fiadh

DramaAlpaca Sun 15-Dec-19 14:56:30

Aww, congratulations OP flowers

Littleheart5 Sun 15-Dec-19 14:51:33

Ahh beautiful! I think it’s just stunning and will last the test of time smile. Huge congrats OP and enjoy your little Christmas baby 👶🏼

agteacht Sun 15-Dec-19 14:32:50

Thanks for all your thoughts!

Baby Fiadh arrived into our lives on Friday night ❤️

No one has pronounced her name wrong yet 😂

Thank you all for your help in getting us to a decision 😀

hannahfaith Sun 08-Dec-19 19:33:06

I love the pronunciation of Riosin and think it's absolutely precious. Someone else mentioned that Fiadh is getting popular which I agree as it's made it's way here to the States.

Éabha is also beautiful

AlwaysOnAbloodyDiet Sun 08-Dec-19 11:05:28

I don't like or dislike Neasa, it's just okay.

I met a baby Oisín (ush-een) yesterday. Now that's a beautiful name.

mathanxiety Sun 08-Dec-19 00:28:24

Any thoughts on Neasa? (Or Nessa)

SlightlyBonkersQFA Sun 08-Dec-19 00:22:25

I was reading an article today about the name Fiadh, how it has raced up the charts so quickly.

That can obviously make the name feel dated.

WeBuiltThisBuffetOnSausageRoll Fri 06-Dec-19 16:49:01

Ah, thanks, PreseaCombatir - unfortunately, though I only ever post from my laptop. I'm still getting used to the web stability of Android phones compared with the random throw-you-outiness of Windows Phone, which I had for many years; but I have too fat fingers to type much on a phone anyway smile

agteacht Fri 06-Dec-19 12:26:43

Hahaha who knew that giving your child an Irish name would be so frowned upon in some quarters... 😂

Muireann... such a pretty name before Catastrophe! Great show though...

Well baby hasn't made an arrival yet so I'm afraid you will have to wait a bit longer to hear which pretty name abomination we have chosen. Though to be honest I'm not much closer to a decision! Gonna have to see what he or she looks like!

IWorkAtTheCheesecakeFactory Fri 06-Dec-19 09:14:51

stuck between Aoibhlínn (Ay-veen)

confused that’s not how you pronounce Aoibhlínn! There is an L in it for starters. It’s eev-lin.

MarleneandBoycie Fri 06-Dec-19 05:41:04

No not Muireann. Have you not seen Catastrophe with the late, great Carrie Fisher? Moron?

ArlenesWoodBurningStove Thu 05-Dec-19 19:43:09


cukooboo Thu 05-Dec-19 18:49:47

As someone with a name mentioned on this thread which was rare in London in the 80s its not a big deal if people can't initially say it or spell it. Children don't tend to get bullied for their names imo.

mathanxiety Thu 05-Dec-19 18:46:43

I know an Anastasia who regularly deals with different pronunciations of her name. She looks around if in a doctor's waiting room to see if anyone else jumps up, and clarifies surname with the nurse or receptionist. It's not a huge deal.

No name is completely idiot-proof.

PreseaCombatir Thu 05-Dec-19 18:46:09

If you’re on your phone, if you hold down the letters you get the options for all the accents

mathanxiety Thu 05-Dec-19 18:29:00

Irish name threads tend to expose traits in people which you sort of hope they keep a nice, tight lid on in RL.

WeBuiltThisBuffetOnSausageRoll Thu 05-Dec-19 18:23:49

Thanks for clarifying that, AlwaysOnAbloodyDiet

Wikipedia doesn't mention a differently-spelled birth name for him, but WP has been known not to be completely correct on occasion grin

Even with him being famous, I still fouled up - I forgot the accent on the 'O' (not sure if you can do it on here unless you C&P) and added in a non-existent apostrophe blush

PreseaCombatir Thu 05-Dec-19 18:18:47

I've been saying Roisin in my head so many times I no longer know the correct way to say it

Lol, since the OP wrote it about her DH, every time I’m seeing Caoimhe, I’m reading it as quavers now.
I much prefer the Keeva way (sorry to any kweevas)

SisterSistine Thu 05-Dec-19 18:09:23

I've been saying Roisin in my head so many times I no longer know the correct way to say it.

SisterSistine Thu 05-Dec-19 18:08:07

I have an Irish name. Yes people ask how to pronounce it. Yes people pronounce it wrong. They spell it wrong. I get a lot of "umm, umm, Mrs Sistine?"

But seriously, it's not a big deal. I have reached my 40s without any massive annoyance or having a nervous breakdown. I was never bullied for it FFS. It is not a big deal!

I think Caimohe is pretty common now so wouldn't be that ought there. And Sadbh is really easy to explain and get the hang of.

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