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Mina or Nina

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Shortbreadbaby Fri 29-Nov-19 19:40:44

I love both but obviously using one will rule out the other.

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MikeUniformMike Sun 01-Dec-19 20:11:44

Nina. Mina is nice but might get shortened to Mean.

givememarmite Sun 01-Dec-19 16:22:38 surprised at these comments. My DD is called Mina and we'd always been told what a lovely name it I'm wondering if my family and friends are all very good liars!

PrincessLouis Sun 01-Dec-19 16:11:31

100% Nina - great name. Mina has nothing going for it imo

A bit like Harry & Barry...

puds11 Sat 30-Nov-19 11:06:35


Mina just reminds me of Dracula. Mina isn’t Dracula’s lover, that’s Lucy but that’s by the by grin

CrazyChickenPerson Sat 30-Nov-19 11:05:33

Mina sounds like Minger.

Just saying.grin

PreseaCombatir Sat 30-Nov-19 11:03:32

I like Mina.
I also like Amina, very pretty

FindaPenny Sat 30-Nov-19 11:02:20

Like them both but I think Nina is the nicer of the two. From what I remember Mina becomes Draculas lover. To me Mina sounds slightly tougher... Maybe because it sounds like mean?

Hayls17 Sat 30-Nov-19 11:01:52


Bigbigboots Sat 30-Nov-19 10:46:39

If you mean mina pronounced mean-a then definitely Nina which I love.

Addsverisimilitude Sat 30-Nov-19 10:41:44


Omashu Sat 30-Nov-19 10:40:04

I actually know twins called Meena and Neena so using one doesn't have to rule out the other!

Yikes! Yes it does. They’re awful twin names confused

GrumpyHoonMain Sat 30-Nov-19 01:20:48


BonBon411 Sat 30-Nov-19 01:15:35

Nina is the sweetest!

MrsBertBibby Fri 29-Nov-19 22:12:30

Nina, without question.

charliesp Fri 29-Nov-19 22:02:43


Mina is awful, sorry.

LynetteScavo Fri 29-Nov-19 22:00:26



ByAppointmentTo Fri 29-Nov-19 21:43:59

I actually know twins called Meena and Neena so using one doesn't have to rule out the other!

Mumoftwoyoungkids Fri 29-Nov-19 21:40:28

Can I be awkward and mention how much I like Lina......

DramaAlpaca Fri 29-Nov-19 21:39:16

Nina. It's less whiny than Mina.

VenusClapTrap Fri 29-Nov-19 21:37:05


MissHenty Fri 29-Nov-19 20:45:50

Yeah good point above Mina will constantly be misheard and called Nina anyway.

Nina is much nicer

MrsNoMopp Fri 29-Nov-19 20:43:50

I prefer Nina.

Lena is a similar name, also nice.

MarkingTimeIm59 Fri 29-Nov-19 20:39:40

No question.

diddlediddle Fri 29-Nov-19 20:37:44

Nina is a beautiful name.

Mina makes me think of Minnie as slang for vagina 😬 sorry! Although I wouldn't think that if the child was of Indian background actually.

So, maybe it depends on your family background.

17caterpillars1mouse Fri 29-Nov-19 20:18:43

I love Mina. I knew a lovely Meena a few years ago.

Nina is OK but I've met a few and they have all been rather bitchy tbh so that has put me off

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