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b3x3y Thu 28-Nov-19 21:59:25

what do you all think of the name Veronica, she will most likely be called Ronnie most of the time?
with a short middle name like Lynne

PsychosonicCindy Thu 28-Nov-19 22:06:37

I actually really love it but then I am a massive fan of these types of names and can't wait until they all come back. Also like Valerie and Yvonne for example. So bored of all the samey trendy names. Jean would also work as a middle name with Veronica.

b3x3y Thu 28-Nov-19 22:08:42

im a bit of both really, I like these types of names but then some of the newer trendy names I love too!! also love Norah for a girl !! @PsychosonicCindy

PsychosonicCindy Thu 28-Nov-19 22:14:02

Norah is a great strong name! Other retro names I like :
I just think they are all really sweet!

b3x3y Thu 28-Nov-19 22:15:29

@PsychosonicCindy if you don't mind you asking, how old are you? I've never met anyone my age who's liked any names like me aha!!

Awwlookatmybabyspider Thu 28-Nov-19 22:19:02

Vera’s okay, but I’m not thrilled about Veronica (It makes me think of Verrucas) and I don’t like Ronnie. I like proper girly and frilly nAmes. Each to their own though.

Marcipex Thu 28-Nov-19 22:19:17

Love it.

b3x3y Thu 28-Nov-19 22:20:20

@Awwlookatmybabyspider aww i prefer like the more gender neutral not girly names ahah, there's a couple of girly names I do like though, mad how people like different things isn't it!!x

17caterpillars1mouse Thu 28-Nov-19 22:20:36

I really like Veronica and nn Ronnie is very fitting with the popular styles at the moment.

I also really like Valerie and Vivienne which have a similar vibe and start with a v obviously

b3x3y Thu 28-Nov-19 22:22:45

@Marcipex Me too!!


It's growing on me even more now!! and surprisingly I'm not a big fan of names beginning with V. Veronica is an exception that I've really grown to lovesmile))

PsychosonicCindy Thu 28-Nov-19 22:22:53

I have just turned 44!!! shock

MikeUniformMike Thu 28-Nov-19 22:23:00

I like Veronica but not Vera, despite having known 2 nice Veras.
Vera Duckworth was Veronica. So Veronica Lynne might be a bit hmm
I like Lynne and Linda.
You could shorten Veronica to Vron.

b3x3y Thu 28-Nov-19 22:25:07

I don't know who that is ahah:///
why might Veronica Lynne be "hmm"?? x

daisypond Thu 28-Nov-19 22:25:11

I really like Veronica.

b3x3y Thu 28-Nov-19 22:25:41

@daisypond me too!!

MikeUniformMike Thu 28-Nov-19 22:27:22

Vera Lynne

sue51 Thu 28-Nov-19 22:29:45

Pretty name.

b3x3y Thu 28-Nov-19 22:29:56

@MikeUniformMike ohhh right I see I see

MikeUniformMike Thu 28-Nov-19 22:33:18

Most people wouldn't see it, and if you shortened Veronica to Vera it probably wouldn't be used with the mn.

Marcipex Thu 28-Nov-19 22:34:15

I like Veronique too.

b3x3y Thu 28-Nov-19 22:36:44

@MikeUniformMike yeah I get you, if I was to use Veronica she'd be Ronnie anyways x

MikeUniformMike Thu 28-Nov-19 22:38:56

I like it. Ronnie from EastEnders might put me off. I think it's a saint's name and it's a nice plant.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Thu 28-Nov-19 22:43:58

Mad how people like different things, isn’t it.

It is. The world wouldn’t go round if we all liked the same things, would it.

b3x3y Thu 28-Nov-19 22:52:48

@MikeUniformMike yeah that was my original issue with the name, but its definitely growing on me

Thetimetravelerswife Fri 29-Nov-19 08:22:38

Sorry not a fan. I can’t help saying it with a Russian accent? I don’t know why...
I prefer violet...

MikeUniformMike Fri 29-Nov-19 11:01:56

It's nice. Roni/Ronnie is cute as a nn.
You're not pregnant though are you.

b3x3y Fri 29-Nov-19 13:16:16

@MikeUniformMike no I'm not.

MikeUniformMike Fri 29-Nov-19 13:54:53

Guessed that from another thread you started.
Doesn't mean it's not a nice name. It was on the list we had for DD1 but we decided we wanted a name that wouldn't generate a nn.

b3x3y Fri 29-Nov-19 19:54:44

ahhh the Cartier one lmao

b3x3y Fri 29-Nov-19 19:54:54


TipseyTorvey Fri 29-Nov-19 20:14:47

I love it but I'm a bit forrin and grew up reading a comic called archie where his main target was a black haired beauty called Veronica and i loved the character so I'm biased.

FartnissEverbeans Fri 29-Nov-19 20:32:16

I met a toddler named Veronica recently! She was very, very cute and wearing a rainbow jumper.

I had never thought about the name before then but it suited her perfectly. I complimented her mum on the choice.

b3x3y Fri 29-Nov-19 21:28:01

@FartnissEverbeans aww did it suit a toddler, I didn't know wether it would suit the younger ages , hence the nn Ronnie

MissHenty Fri 29-Nov-19 21:36:20

I like it but it sounds a bit too much like verucca to my ears

Toddlerteaplease Fri 29-Nov-19 22:22:41

I've always Th ought it's an 'ugly' name. Both Veronica's I know are known as Ronnie.

PetraRabbit Fri 29-Nov-19 22:24:49

I love Veronica (love feminine grand old European names with history) but hate Ronnie (hate anything nicknamey/unisex/ending in "ie"). Just my opinion! If you like Ronnie, there are a few other names you could use as longer versions.

b3x3y Fri 29-Nov-19 23:57:34

@PetraRabbit ooo like what? let me hear x

mathanxiety Sun 01-Dec-19 07:42:55

Love it, and love Ronnie as a nn.

Also love Nora / Norah.

I love Rita and Dinah too.

NoSauce Sun 01-Dec-19 09:03:24

Harsh sounding and old fashioned. It’s in the same boat as Bernadette, Bridget, Moira.

It’s a no from me.

FizzyGreenWater Sun 01-Dec-19 10:10:32

Love Veronica.

More popular overseas spelled with a k not a c, I know a Croatian one who is Vika for short

b3x3y Sun 01-Dec-19 17:48:21

@FizzyGreenWater personally I prefer the c spelling

puds11 Sun 01-Dec-19 17:57:38

Love Ronnie. Also love the name Nancy.

b3x3y Sun 01-Dec-19 18:24:35

@puds11 I love Nancy as well but it's become so popular

HalfBloodPrincess Tue 03-Dec-19 22:57:58

I like it, Its my 6 month old Dds middle name.

Mumshappy Tue 03-Dec-19 23:01:17

Theres one in dd9s class at school. I like it it really suits her.

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