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Tillygetsit Tue 26-Nov-19 23:06:38

I was all set to name this baby Jasper Francis but tonight, dh has told me he has tried really hard to like it but just doesn't. He thinks it's too comedy posh in his words.
I have to let it go, dont I?
We've decided to choose from the following names. Which would you pick? We're not really open to other suggestions as we both have large families where most names have been used.
Thank you.

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PsychosonicCindy Wed 27-Nov-19 15:26:06

I like Asher best followed by Patrick then Adam. Edwin is posher sounding then Jasper! Douglas will end up being Hey Duggee!

PrincessHoneysuckle Wed 27-Nov-19 15:35:47


CravingCheese Wed 27-Nov-19 15:49:45

Jasper Francis is great imo. Not 'comedy posh' at all. Jasper however is a bit trendy. I adore Francis.

Asher: no.
Adam: it's really nice.
Edwin: lovely.
Patrick: really solid. Yes.
Douglas: it's OK but really not my cup of tea.

Tillygetsit Wed 27-Nov-19 22:34:45

My DH has form for this. We discussed and picked a name for our last baby then he announced it didnt suit her and refused to budge. He suggested her name. Hes very laidback normally but I'm detecting some control freakery around naming our children!
First dh was the opposite and couldn't have cared less. I named both dc. Bliss!
I've told dh I'm not happy with any of the names and we should leave it for now.
Thanks for the help.

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Whattodoabout Thu 28-Nov-19 16:46:41

I like Jasper but my DH vetoed due to Mr Carrot.

Edwin is the only one I like on your list.

Leopardprintboots Thu 28-Nov-19 16:51:16

@Tillygetsit hmmm how frustrating for you. Is he coming round to the name a bit now? I’m sure if you google any name forum there will be a discussion about how jasper is not reserved for posh people. Names just aren’t like that anymore

FartnissEverbeans Thu 28-Nov-19 16:59:22

You can’t drop Jasper for being comedy posh then call him Edwin!

Jasper is pretty cool and I don’t think it’s all that posh tbh

CatteStreet Thu 28-Nov-19 19:05:51

I'd go with Adam Francis.

Leopardprintboots Thu 28-Nov-19 19:16:40

I personally think genuinely posh people (of which I am not one) would pick Adam over Jasper

I can’t picture a royal baby called Jasper tbh

I absolutely love the name Jasper and really hope you get to use it

TatianaLarina Thu 28-Nov-19 19:34:24

They’re not one homogenous mass. ‘Genuinely posh people’ who like the name Jasper would choose Jasper and ‘genuinely posh people’ who prefer Adam would choose Adam. confused

That said I don’t know many posh Adams.

Ellmau Thu 28-Nov-19 19:40:50

Adam followed by Patrick.

Could you keep Jasper as the mn at least?

Sexnotgender Thu 28-Nov-19 19:45:01

I’ve got a baby Francissmile would you not consider it as a first name?

Practicalmagico Thu 28-Nov-19 20:00:44

Jasper is better than any of those other names. The only problem with Jasper Francis is the Francis. Call him Jasper Patrick

Leopardprintboots Thu 28-Nov-19 20:16:30

All the super posh rich people I know of locally call their babies top 10-style names eg Thomas, Oliver, Adam, Alexander and George (and NOT Rupert Hugo or Jasper etc). It was only an observation. I’m sure there’s loads of exceptions. Sorry if any offence caused @TatianaLarina ❤️

Hippopotas Thu 28-Nov-19 20:36:56

Is it the combo he doesn’t like or just one of the names. Jasper is lovely but I’m not keen on Francis. What about Jasper Robert

TatianaLarina Thu 28-Nov-19 21:44:14

Not in the slightest offended. cake

Posh conservative and choose trad names like Alex George Henry. Less conservative might choose Jasper, Orlando, Cosmo.

For me tho Jasper’s an old biblical name and not strongly associated with any class.

17caterpillars1mouse Thu 28-Nov-19 22:28:16

Patrick is so handsome and underused but such a classic name

I also like Adam

Tillygetsit Thu 28-Nov-19 23:00:41

We're giving up for a bit as we've got ages yet. He vetoed my absolute favourite and now the compromise. I'm a bit fed up tbh. Francis is a family surname so that will stay. Would he odd to have it as a first name though.

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ilovechocolatebiscuits Fri 29-Nov-19 00:11:37


EleanorShellstrop100 Fri 29-Nov-19 12:07:22

Jasper isn’t posh, it’s just lovely, but I agree with your husband that paired with Francis it becomes a bit wet. Can’t you get rid of Francis?

All the names on your list are nice too. Sorry not much help.

EleanorShellstrop100 Fri 29-Nov-19 12:09:35

Just read that you have to have Francis as MN, so I’d go for Adam or Patrick as first name to sort of balance it out a bit

Footiefan2019 Fri 29-Nov-19 15:37:26

Jasper Patrick

mathanxiety Sun 01-Dec-19 07:46:57

Sorry to see that, @Tillygetsit. Jasper Francis was a nice name.

Are there any names from the other thread apart from Asher that you liked?

Enko Sun 01-Dec-19 09:30:58

Francis is cool as a first name. I will go against the grain here and say I really don't like Jasper. I do believe that both parents have to like the name so I would insist this time he doesn't push in with a "he doesn't look like x" and then picks a name but that it has to be a name you both like.

Chickoletta Mon 02-Dec-19 18:14:28

Jasper is a cat’s name for me!

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