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jfoyo26 Tue 26-Nov-19 12:47:44

This is the only name my husband and I can totally agree on so is consistently top of our list for DD2.
Would be this spelling.
Just general thoughts please?

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TatianaLarina Tue 26-Nov-19 12:53:22

Strong beautiful name. Classic. Not particularly fashionable so it won’t date.

Paperyfish Tue 26-Nov-19 12:54:25

Love it

Leopardprintboots Tue 26-Nov-19 13:02:42

What’s DD1 name out of interest @jfoyo26

TheMonaOgg Tue 26-Nov-19 13:03:45

Love it. It's also the name of one of my lovely SDDs.

BabloHoney Tue 26-Nov-19 13:16:05

Rachel is a lovely name!!

BlueChampagne Tue 26-Nov-19 13:16:47


SayOohLaLa Tue 26-Nov-19 13:29:56

Rachel or Rachael spelling? It's not one you hear so often now but it's a lovely name.

Cookit Tue 26-Nov-19 13:40:18

I really love the name Rachel.

Aderyn19 Tue 26-Nov-19 13:44:57

Beautiful name

Thetimetravelerswife Tue 26-Nov-19 13:48:50

Sorry I’m going to go against the grain here and say I don’t like it.
I find it quite dated to the 90s especially after Rachel Green from friends, there were lots of Rachel’s. I know it’s a “classic” name but classic names do Jane and now sarah is starting to become dated too.

However if you like the name that’s all that matters.
I would spell it Rachel

Bogoffrain Tue 26-Nov-19 13:52:41

Prefer the spelling Rachael

bridgetreilly Tue 26-Nov-19 13:57:55


TatianaLarina Tue 26-Nov-19 13:58:14

Why are people on here so obsessed with popular culture? I don’t see 5e relevance of a sitcom from 30 years ago.

When I hear name Rachel I think of The Moonstone, My Cousin Rachel, and The Rachel Papers, Rachel Weisz.

elderlee Tue 26-Nov-19 13:58:42

Love it smile

BabyMoonPie Tue 26-Nov-19 14:02:37

We have a Rachel, she's nearly 3. We thought we were picking a traditional and classic name but the reaction has been surprising. So many people (from hospital staff when she was born to a photographer a couple of weeks ago) have commented along the lines of "we haven't had a Rachel in a long time"! It's good to know she won't be one of several with her name at school

Sugarfreejelly Tue 26-Nov-19 14:09:12

I love the name but prefer Rachael.

BonBon411 Tue 26-Nov-19 14:42:53

Rachel is lovely

Aderyn19 Tue 26-Nov-19 14:54:12

Thetimetravelerswife all names date to a certain degree but that doesn't make them less beautiful.

Lobsterquadrille2 Tue 26-Nov-19 15:32:13

Love it and definitely that spelling. I know a few, much older - I think it's lovely at any age. Often seems to go with Rebecca - maybe the du Maurier connection.

Confusedrelation Tue 26-Nov-19 15:38:20

There are a lot my age but I’ve not met any amongst my DC’s friends/school. All the ones I know are lovely so to me it’s a good strong name

Tonz Tue 26-Nov-19 15:40:56

Lovely name and not too popular so there won’t be loads of Rachel’s in the same class at school

jfoyo26 Tue 26-Nov-19 15:48:30

Thanks for your thoughts so far!
@Leopardprintboots DD1 is Louise.
@BabyMoonPie I think it is a traditional and classic name but just not fashionable at the minute...That's partly why we like it, think it fits with Louise in that sense - short, classic and well known but significantly underused at present.

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1Bobbinwinder Tue 26-Nov-19 15:49:41

I really like it, it was on our list. It's such a lovely name to say.

milliefiori Tue 26-Nov-19 15:49:48

Gorgeous name. Classic. Also Ray is a lovely nickname for a girl.

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