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Name for my boy

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Puni Tue 26-Nov-19 10:00:38

Dear moms,

My Son is 15 days old . We looking for a modern name starting with R..

How is Rhylen? Is it boy or girl name?


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benandhollyagaaain Tue 26-Nov-19 10:15:11

I think you'd have a lot of misspelling due to Rylan Clark-Neal. And personally I prefer the Rylan spelling as it seems more natural to me. Nice name though.

Leopardprintboots Tue 26-Nov-19 10:15:45


Actually how about Rudy/Rudi? Met a little boy with this name the other day - so cool.

Leopardprintboots Tue 26-Nov-19 10:16:09

Rylan is nice

Or Ralph or Reece?

camelandsushi Tue 26-Nov-19 10:22:54


Rumik Tue 26-Nov-19 10:30:39

Hi there!
I definitely prefer Rylan, I think its not over common but a great name for any age. Im all for names that children wont have to constantly spell our for people their whole lives.

Good luck and congratulations!!!

UAbsolutefannyofawoman Tue 26-Nov-19 10:32:51


BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Tue 26-Nov-19 10:35:58

I prefer Rylan for the spelling too. I’ve always liked Rory. Also I think Richard is underused, it’s a good solid name although might not be modern enough.

user1493494961 Tue 26-Nov-19 11:15:55

Rory is a nice name, as is Rowan and Rudi. Rylan, however you spell it, is awful.

Paddington68 Tue 26-Nov-19 11:20:39

Rowan is lovely.
Rufus, Riley, Rory, Russell

wineymummy Tue 26-Nov-19 11:31:24

I love Remy but DH doesn't agree (yet. Give me 5 months.)

BonBon411 Tue 26-Nov-19 14:44:08


NoSauce Tue 26-Nov-19 16:31:19


Rhylen is particularly bad.

MrsFoxPlus4Again Tue 26-Nov-19 16:33:59

Rylan is a better but still not great. What about Remy, Rome, Roman. All names I considered.

Leopardprintboots Tue 26-Nov-19 16:39:16

I actually quite like Rylan, it’s a bit different

How about Rupert? Rudy/Rudi? Rafferty? Remy?

Sorry RoMan and RoWan and Rohan are all just too similar. Roman is fastest rising boys name in top 100. I work with newborns in paediatrics and there’s been SO many Romans and Rowans this year it gets really confusing. I wasn’t at all suprised to hear that Roman is the fastest rising boys name. It’ll be top 20 in next year or so. Personally I’d avoid names that are in such a similar bracket as correcting people and people mishearing would grate on me

chooseausername Tue 26-Nov-19 16:42:01

Rhett? I love this name!

FawnDrench Tue 26-Nov-19 17:35:33


Mollie3 Tue 26-Nov-19 20:38:03

Robin, Robert

Don’t mind Remy as mentioned above but others 🤔

Leopardprintboots Tue 26-Nov-19 21:19:45

Are we being any help @Puni

Staffori Tue 26-Nov-19 21:26:16

Names I haven't seen mentioned here include Rufus, Rhys, Reuben, Ronan and Rhett.

NameChange30 Tue 26-Nov-19 21:29:05

What's a modern name?
I like Reuben and Rory but I don't think they're modern.

gnushoes Tue 26-Nov-19 22:24:34


Niki93 Wed 04-Dec-19 19:22:44

Regan. Robbie. Remi. Rew. Ruben

Nonnymum Wed 04-Dec-19 19:26:46

Rowan, Roman, Ronan, Reece, Rafe, Rex, Rudy,

Leopardprintboots Wed 04-Dec-19 19:35:02

Did you come up with a shortlist @Puni

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