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Abcd4567 Fri 22-Nov-19 23:58:55

What do you all think of the name Felicity for DD2? Dd1 is Alyssa.

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SE13Mummy Mon 02-Dec-19 19:32:36

It's a fabulous name (and very nearly DD1's name)
but too tongue-twistery with Alyssa.

CatteStreet Thu 28-Nov-19 19:08:26

Lovely name, was a strong contender for our dd. But in your case I agree with this: 'However I think it’s both too similar in sound, and not enough alike in style to go with Alyssa.'

Proseccoinamug Thu 28-Nov-19 15:20:36

I think it beautiful and my dd longs to be called Felicity!

MadameJosephine Thu 28-Nov-19 13:33:08

If you did decide it was too similar how about Verity instead?

MadameJosephine Thu 28-Nov-19 13:31:47

It’s beautiful, I love it but it was vetoed for DD by her dad and I keep trying to persuade friends to use it for their babies.

As a full name I don’t think it sounds too similar to Alyssa but I love the shortening Lissy and that probably would be too close to Alyssa so I’d probably go for Fliss or Flick as a nn.

Sparklypurpleunicornsaremyfav Thu 28-Nov-19 13:22:19

I absolutely love the name but I agree it sounds too similar to alyssa

BlueChampagne Tue 26-Nov-19 13:18:47

I like it but agree with others that it's too close to Alyssa. How about Fiona?

PlantPotting Sun 24-Nov-19 11:37:38

Love it and not too similar

EleanorShellstrop100 Sun 24-Nov-19 04:40:52

I really don’t like Felicity. And Alyssa and Felicity are too similar (although I like Alyssa!)

dancingunicorns123 Sun 24-Nov-19 01:35:11

My friend named her daughter Felicity and calls her Fliss x

bridgetreilly Sat 23-Nov-19 10:07:18

Love it. I don't think it's close to Alyssa at all. Good choice, OP!

MrsBertBibby Sat 23-Nov-19 09:07:47

Way too close to Alyssa.

Bluerussian Sat 23-Nov-19 09:06:39

Felicity is a beautiful name. I had a good friend called Felicity when I was a teenager (Quaker), she was known as 'Phil', I've also heard nicknames of Flick and Fliss.

daisypond Sat 23-Nov-19 09:05:20

I like it but it’s too similar in sound to Alyssa, while being very different in style.

blondie87 Sat 23-Nov-19 08:49:55

Love it- was my girl’s choice but I’m having a boy!

BuffaloCauliflower Sat 23-Nov-19 08:47:39

It’s a lovely name but I don’t like any of the shortenings so it went off our list. However I think it’s both too similar in sound, and not enough alike in style to go with Alyssa

Leopardprintboots Sat 23-Nov-19 08:43:06

Great name love it and I don’t find it too similar to sibling name

Felicity in neighbours got called Flick which was cool and she was stunning !

Nonameyet1 Sat 23-Nov-19 07:19:45

It is a lovely name.

Reading the above posts it does sound quite similar to Alyssa.

NewtonPulsifer Sat 23-Nov-19 02:06:01

I know a Felicity, it is a lovely name and she is a lovely girl. She gets called “Fliss” for short.

dreichwinter Sat 23-Nov-19 02:05:22

Nice name, often shortened to flic.

Astronica Sat 23-Nov-19 01:56:00

Lovely name but they would be too similar for me.

DramaAlpaca Sat 23-Nov-19 01:33:38

Lovely name, but it's too similar in sound to Alyssa. I'd constantly be calling them Felyssa and Alycity confused

MrsNoMopp Sat 23-Nov-19 01:30:33

I think it's too similar. Ff-Alyssa-Tee.

Makesmilingyourbesthobby Sat 23-Nov-19 01:12:21

I like it it’s cute but I agree with pp when it comes to shortening it or nickname

CatherineOfAragonsPrayerBook Sat 23-Nov-19 01:09:10

Gorgeous name!

Not sure it takes well to shortening though? I suppose Fefe or similar.

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