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Plum’s sister!

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HazeyJaney Sun 17-Nov-19 19:23:45

Help please! We chose a very unusual name for our first daughter (Plum Elizabeth) and now we’re stuck on what to name her sister. Our current list feels a bit pedestrian in comparison, does it matter?

We like:

Iris (actually, I’ve always loved Isis, but it’s obviously unusable now)

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TatianaLarina Mon 02-Dec-19 17:54:36

I like Mirabel.

lottiegarbanzo Mon 02-Dec-19 10:24:39

Sylvie is lovely too!

lottiegarbanzo Mon 02-Dec-19 10:22:06


It's a type of pear, an airport but mostly, a lovely name.

jfoyo26 Sun 01-Dec-19 21:37:54

Oh Sylvie Clementine is a great sister namesmile

AlpacaGoodnight Sun 01-Dec-19 20:48:59

Plum and Sylvie sound lovely together!

Enko Sun 01-Dec-19 09:39:41

Sylvie is a great choice and goes well w Plum.

MissHenty Fri 29-Nov-19 19:46:58

Meant to tag you @Shortbreadbaby

MissHenty Fri 29-Nov-19 19:46:29

Berry is cool. A unisex name I think. Berry Gordy?

Shortbreadbaby Fri 29-Nov-19 19:42:59


HeadlessGummyBears Thu 28-Nov-19 16:49:19

@GuppytheCat Sylvie Clementine sounds fabulous and you’re right it definitely has a nice symmetry to Plum Elizabeth.

I also suggested Clementine, one of my favourite names. I only thought of going with a more traditional middle name and having something like one of names I mentioned above as a first name because they go well with Plum but don’t sound too similar and Elizabeth, the middle name, is more traditional. But the symmetry idea is much better.

GuppytheCat Wed 27-Nov-19 17:43:59

Sylvie is nice.

'Plum and Lettice' sounds like a vegan gastropub.

notnowmaybelater Wed 27-Nov-19 17:32:38

Isn't Lettice a form of Letitia?

RickOShay Wed 27-Nov-19 17:14:18

I think that Lettice is an old name, not spelt exactly like the salad grin
I like it.

Moominfan Mon 25-Nov-19 19:26:50

and pairs nicely with Sylvie....

I see what you did there

CandyApple1995 Mon 25-Nov-19 18:50:41

My friend has two now adult daughters, and one has an unusual name and the other has a very common name. Think along the lines of ' Phyllis and Kate'. The one with the more unusual name has always hated her name and been very resentful that her parents gave her sister a much 'prettier' name. She recently changed her name by deed poll.
My advice would be that Since you already have one child with an unusual name I would give your next daughter one too!
I really like these names



iloveyoubutilovememore Mon 25-Nov-19 18:32:22

Plum is a great name. Ignore the bitchy comments (their kids are probably called James & Emma)

PrincessAnnaOfArundale Sun 24-Nov-19 13:03:54

Tess, Tabbitha or Lilac.

GuppytheCat Sat 23-Nov-19 17:11:21

Please please call her Sylvie Clementine for symmetry with Plum Elizabeth.

Ritascornershop Sat 23-Nov-19 15:30:58

I think Plum is a gorgeous name and pairs nicely with Sylvie. If I was still young enough to have more babies I’d consider Plum for a child. It’s a lovely sound and image.

Amyaaa Fri 22-Nov-19 20:53:50

I have to ask, where you got the name plum from?

GaaaaarlicBread Fri 22-Nov-19 20:30:12

I strangely like the name plum, I can picture a cute little girl in frilly dresses with curly hair smile There was a girl on Britains Got Talent years ago who played the violin and she was called Lettuce!! So I think 'less used' names are very cute. I know you don't want anything that particularly matches plum, but what about Olive? That's quite a sweet name? Sylvie is nice though, I went to school with a Sylvie and she was lovely , her Sister was called Flora x

Thefaceofboe Fri 22-Nov-19 20:22:07

I feel like I shouldn’t like the name Plum but I kind of do confused I can imagine a sweet little girl called plum

finallychangedmyusername Fri 22-Nov-19 20:19:49

Plum and Sylvie sound great.

Lulu1919 Thu 21-Nov-19 19:35:27


Nonameyet1 Thu 21-Nov-19 18:46:10

I called my baby Plum before she was born and my mum really wanted me to use it - I nearly did. It’s a great name.

Plum and Sylvie are lovely.

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