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spice3 Tue 22-Oct-19 20:39:16

Has this name been ruined by the pig?

Does anyone like it? Or is it just too much?

Starryskiesinthesky Wed 23-Oct-19 08:10:08

Kay-N 😆

OkayGoooouuuuuullllll Wed 23-Oct-19 08:10:08

Sorry op I'm not sure I like it. Or Revel or Everest 😬

MustardScreams Wed 23-Oct-19 08:10:28

I love it! There’s a girl that works in the local houseplant store called Pepper and she is one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met, so that’s probably why I like it so much!

parkersnose Wed 23-Oct-19 08:12:31

I love it. There was a pepper in neighbours years ago I believe. I wouldn't use it because of Peppa though.

maggienolia Wed 23-Oct-19 08:13:56

My gerbil was called Pepper. Not keen on it for a human though

user1493494961 Wed 23-Oct-19 08:24:46

It's ridiculous.

CatherineOfAragonsPrayerBook Wed 23-Oct-19 08:29:56

Love it.

user1493494961 Wed 23-Oct-19 08:30:36

Put a baby name book on your Christmas list.

spice3 Wed 23-Oct-19 08:35:05

@user1493494961 I'm due 2 days after... might be a bit late wink

KatherineJaneway Wed 23-Oct-19 08:36:52

I think Pepper Potts.

Frith2013 Wed 23-Oct-19 19:04:55

Pepper? Don’t be silly.

AthollPlace Wed 23-Oct-19 19:07:07

Reminds me of Pepper from American Horror Story. Not really someone you want to name a child after.

zurigirl Wed 23-Oct-19 21:15:34

I think it's cool! But I do like Marvel movies... I'd never think of the pig, because it's spelled differently!

horse4course Wed 23-Oct-19 21:32:03

But what if she becomes a sultan one day?

Wolfiefan Wed 23-Oct-19 21:47:56

A Sultan? That’d be pushing it. Pushing it real good. grin

FluffyAlpaca19 Wed 23-Oct-19 22:25:29

It's not a name for a human, it's a vegetable and the name of a fictional pig. Change your name to pepper if you like it so much but please don't inflict it on a child who'll have to go through school.

TeddyToaster Wed 23-Oct-19 22:26:54

Definitely a cute nickname but please don't use it as a formal name.


All suggestions for if you like 'P' names. X

SlothRunner Wed 23-Oct-19 22:33:29

I know a cat called pepper. He is a bit wild and good at catching rats

Awwlookatmybabyspider Thu 24-Oct-19 10:54:57

As long as you promise to call your next one Georgewinkgrin

Ahundredpercentthatbitch Thu 24-Oct-19 10:57:02

I met a woman called Pepper once. She was a porn model.

I wouldn’t.

MrsCharlesBrandon Thu 24-Oct-19 11:01:01

@NationMcKinley grin

RolytheRhino Thu 24-Oct-19 11:03:26

I like it. Works well for Pepper Potts. Not brave enough to use it myself though.

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