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Think I have decided

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Littledidsheknow Wed 23-Oct-19 12:40:33

I like Esme and Ruby, but Angel not so much.

Don’t spell it Esmae, whatever you do (as per a PPs suggestion).

MillicentMartha Tue 22-Oct-19 23:21:04

Esmé possibly? Though getting an accent on typed forms can be a pain. Ez May is the more usual pronunciation in any case.

Chickenitalia Tue 22-Oct-19 23:17:18

Family names are lovely imo. If you want that pronunciation would you consider Esmae? I think it looks prettier somehow and makes it more obvious with how to say it.
Could swop the middle names around to avoid the ear thing?
Esmae Ruby Angel sounds nicer to me.
I like all your names.

naomi831 Tue 22-Oct-19 21:26:27

Thank you that is lovely, to your earlier comment, I was going with ez-may.

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MillicentMartha Tue 22-Oct-19 21:23:08

If Angel is a family name then that beats any of us disliking it. We don’t know the family member you’re honouring so we don’t have the same affection for it. Esme is lovely and that’s what she’ll be going by day to day. Using a family name as a middle name is a sweet idea.

RickOShay Tue 22-Oct-19 21:22:40

I think it’s beautiful.
I love Angel.

naomi831 Tue 22-Oct-19 21:20:06

Thanks for the thoughts. Didn't think about the initials, her last initial is W and no I am not naming after tv show/film. The name angel is after family.

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tangomouse Tue 22-Oct-19 19:50:54

Aweful! Doesn't flow at all. Just like you couldn't make your mind up. Unless they're names after a family member then would make sense

devilishlygood Tue 22-Oct-19 19:46:27

Esme and Ruby just don’t seem to flow, or connect. Angel is not to my taste (none of them are really). Together all these names seem a bit scattered.

GrumpyHoonMain Tue 22-Oct-19 19:33:10

Are you naming her after your favourite films / TV shows?

misspiggy19 Tue 22-Oct-19 19:31:08

*I like esme but angel and ruby are horrible names tbh*

^I agree.

codenameduchess Tue 22-Oct-19 19:29:22

Personally I'd ditch Angel... it feels a bit forced and tacky.

Esme and Ruby are pretty though. both fairly popular right now but not overused.

MissHenty Tue 22-Oct-19 19:05:02

Love esme and ruby

Gorgeous choices

MillicentMartha Tue 22-Oct-19 18:31:28

Be aware there are 2 common pronunciations of Esme. Ez may and Ez mee.

Winterfellismyhome Tue 22-Oct-19 18:30:49

I dont like it. It just feels mashed together. I really dislike Angel too. Sorry

MillicentMartha Tue 22-Oct-19 18:30:30

Esme and Ruby are nice. Sorry, dislike Angel.

OtraCosaMariposa Tue 22-Oct-19 18:30:05

Ditch the "Angel".

watermelon21 Tue 22-Oct-19 18:29:12

I like esme but angel and ruby are horrible names tbh

Sexnotgender Tue 22-Oct-19 18:27:46

Not a massive fan to be honest.

spice3 Tue 22-Oct-19 18:27:29

I like it.

WitchibanLipstickForMen Tue 22-Oct-19 18:26:29

EAR won't be the complete initials though as I presume she will have a last name hmm

I don't like the name OP but that's just because it's not my taste. If you've decided just go with it. You'll never get a unanimous thumbs up on here.

Chickenitalia Tue 22-Oct-19 18:17:56

I like it, other than it spelling ear with the initials. Maybe have a think about that.
Angel is definitely a girls name here, I know 3 under 5!

bridgetreilly Tue 22-Oct-19 18:17:47


MikeUniformMike Tue 22-Oct-19 18:13:36

Esme Ruby is enough. Angel is usually a boy's name.

naomi831 Tue 22-Oct-19 17:53:37

Thinking about calling my first baby girl Esme Angel Ruby. Due in a week, thoughts?

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