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Which is your favourite?

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MrsGilly1 Tue 22-Oct-19 08:00:43

Which name sibset/ combo is your favourite?

Emmeline & Sebastian
Esme & Oscar
Lois & Samuel
Phoebe & Joseph
Rosie & Thomas

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MissHenty Tue 22-Oct-19 08:01:24

Louis and Sebastian
Rosie and Thomas

IckleBear Tue 22-Oct-19 08:31:04

Emmeline and Sebastian

Mintypea5 Tue 22-Oct-19 08:31:49

Emmeline and Sebastian

bridgetreilly Tue 22-Oct-19 09:00:41

Lois and Samuel with Phoebe and Joseph a close second, but I actually quite like them all.

Becxs Tue 22-Oct-19 09:02:27

Esme and Oscar

BeanBag7 Tue 22-Oct-19 09:08:40

I like all of them but I think my favourite is Lois and Samuel

spice3 Tue 22-Oct-19 09:10:34

Esme and Oscar

readingismycardio Tue 22-Oct-19 09:17:31

Emmeline and Sebastian are beautiful. Love the names

twinkledag Tue 22-Oct-19 09:26:38

Emme and Seb

Astronica Tue 22-Oct-19 09:30:27

1. Rosie and Thomas
2. Esme and Oscar

If Phoebe and Sebastian was an option I'd rate that highly.

IceBearRocks Tue 22-Oct-19 09:45:31

Esme and Sebastian

HeronLanyon Tue 22-Oct-19 09:46:43


user1493494961 Tue 22-Oct-19 10:49:11

Don't like Lois, all the rest are OK. As pp, like Phoebe and Sebastian. Rosie and Thomas are a bit Thomas the Tank Engine.

Grandmi Tue 22-Oct-19 10:57:12

Esme and Lois for a boy.

Naomimi Tue 22-Oct-19 13:12:44

Esme and Oscar
Phoebe and Joseph
Rosie and Thomas

FizzyGreenWater Tue 22-Oct-19 13:29:25

Lois doesn't fit there at all, but also Samuel is the least good of all the boy names.

Emmeline and Sebastian nicest.

youwillbepk Tue 22-Oct-19 14:01:10

Esme and Oscar

ThatsLongFam Tue 22-Oct-19 14:15:40

Lois & Samuel
Emmeline & Sebastian

HalfManHalfLabrador Tue 22-Oct-19 14:16:37

Emmeline and Sebastian Rosie and Thomas

HeadlessGummyBears Wed 23-Oct-19 06:21:43

1) Rosie & Thomas
2) Emmeline & Sebastian
3) Phoebe & Joseph

ButterflyOfFreedom Wed 23-Oct-19 06:23:14

Lois & Samuel.

If I could switch them round I'd say Lois & Sebastian.

ILoveAnOwl Wed 23-Oct-19 06:40:56

Rosie and Thomas are both tank engines was my first thought... (its a sad life I lead...). Emmeline and Sebastian are my favourite.

RoseMartha Wed 23-Oct-19 06:48:53

Lois and Samuel

Although out of all the names I prefer the combo of

Rosie and Samuel

TypicalMeBreakMyTypicalRules Wed 23-Oct-19 07:19:20

Emmeline and Sebastian.
But like them all
Rosie and Thomas are both Thomas the tank choo choo names in case you didn't know

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