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Page 2 | Frankie for a girl?

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YesNoMaybee Tue 22-Oct-19 00:14:46

I for a long time have loved the name Frankie as a girl's name. Some people have said if they saw that written down they'd think it was a boy?

I don't really mind it appearing as a more gender-neutral name. To me it sounds like the name of a strong independent woman, but I think I'm getting ahead of myself there smile

What do you think of Frankie for a girl?

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OverthinkingThis Thu 24-Oct-19 15:52:26

Not a fan personally, but not because I'd think 'boy' - I've known several female Frankie's over the years, it's a well recognised girls name these days.

Crazyladee Thu 24-Oct-19 17:06:50

I love it. It makes me think of a confident girl with a strong personality. Probably because I love the character Frankie in Wentworth.

bridgetreilly Thu 24-Oct-19 17:49:14

I would definitely assume it was a nn, whether male or female, for Frank, Francesca or Frances.

PralineCookies Thu 24-Oct-19 18:13:22

It's incredibly ugly on a boy or girl. It has such a harsh unpleasant sound.

daisypond Thu 24-Oct-19 20:22:24

You could have Franca. I know an Italian Francesca who is called Franca for short.

diddlediddle Thu 24-Oct-19 21:23:10

It's lovely but only as a nickname.

Tavannach Thu 24-Oct-19 21:26:58

I like it. Prefer it as a nn for Frances though.

OneKeyAtATime Thu 24-Oct-19 21:34:51

Not keen sorry

IggyAce Thu 24-Oct-19 21:37:20

I love it for a girl but don’t like it for a boy.

mistermagpie Thu 24-Oct-19 21:56:18

I know a Frankie, she is an adult but stunning looking and really cool so that's how the name seems to me. Her actual name is Francine.

AdriannaP Thu 24-Oct-19 21:57:51

Love it. Considered it myself.

Wheat2Harvest Thu 24-Oct-19 21:59:21

Awful. I know a Frankie and she is known by another name entirely.

Please give her a proper name like Frances or Francesca and use Frankie as her everyday name.

WeBuiltThisBuffetOnSausageRoll Sun 27-Oct-19 18:14:27

Girl or boy, it instantly makes me think of Manky Frankie from Still Game.

Krazynights34 Sun 27-Oct-19 18:15:38

Love it

Eleanorbellanor Sun 27-Oct-19 18:16:41

I don’t like it at all. Reminds me of that Frankie Cocozza

lioness88 Sun 27-Oct-19 18:17:08

It's my dogs name and she's a girl.

TheJoxter Sun 27-Oct-19 18:19:52

I love it as short for Frances

diddlediddle Sun 27-Oct-19 18:22:39

Frankie Cocozza 🤣😂 random reference of the day! I'm sure he would be delighted someone remembers him!

mamandematribu Sun 27-Oct-19 18:35:53

I think it's cute As an independent name, I don't like it as a short form of Francesca. That's a harsh name for a child.

june2007 Sun 27-Oct-19 18:46:36

As a shortened version of frances, francine fracoise or francesca. Not on it,s own. the trouble is if you give a shortned version someone wil just legngthan it and she will have to keep telling people thats not her name. (I know Vicki who kept having to tell peole her name wasn,t Victoria.)

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