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iloveyoubutilovememore Mon 21-Oct-19 16:52:11


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Littledidsheknow Tue 22-Oct-19 20:41:28

Bloody awful.

Fine as a nickname for a young boy; cringeworthy as the real, official actual name of a grown man.

Nogodsnomasters Tue 22-Oct-19 21:22:14

I've got a nephew called Sonny. He does have a longer/different name on his birth certificate to use when older if preferred, but from birth he's been called Sonny by all. His full name is Italian (father has Italian family).

Fairylightsandwine Tue 29-Oct-19 19:24:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mammy2Sonny Wed 30-Oct-19 23:23:54

My little one is Sonny (hence my name) lol it's not for everyone but I love it and have had loads of compliments on his name.

HalfManHalfLabrador Wed 30-Oct-19 23:28:09


Marcipex Thu 31-Oct-19 01:48:46

Sorry, cringingly awful.

Kokeshi123 Thu 31-Oct-19 04:49:00

It's beyond ridiculous. Please don't inflict a "name" like this on your child.

FridalovesDiego Thu 31-Oct-19 04:53:06

My Grandad’s name. ❤️ Very popular in the East end in the 40s/50s. Also very popular in Hoxton in the late 90s! 😂 I like it, but it is a bit try-hard now.

DeeCeeCherry Thu 31-Oct-19 05:01:00

Sounds like an American nickname

Notwiththeseknees Thu 31-Oct-19 11:23:19

I think Sonny is a shortening of Alexander... so you could call him Alexander on official documents & Sonny as his day to day name.

Notwiththeseknees Thu 31-Oct-19 11:24:18

I did have an Uncle Sonny...,,

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