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Ruby or Emilia

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OhMarnie Sun 20-Oct-19 09:20:03

Our baby girl is due in 3 weeks and we are yet to decide on a name for her. It's looking like we will either go for Ruby or Emilia (Emmie as a nn). Her middle name will be Robyn after DHs dad, although I didn't like the similar sounds of Ruby followed by Robyn (so please don't tell me you like this as it's a definite no 🤣) SO she will either be:

Ruby Emilia Robyn Allen
Emilia Robyn Allen

Which do you prefer?? I've also been told there's a Ruby Allen in eastenders 🙈 (I don't watch it) and I can't decide if this bothers me or not.

Honest opinions welcome

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arabicenglishbabynames Sun 20-Oct-19 09:23:36

Emilia hands down without a shadow of a doubt

Leopardprintboots Sun 20-Oct-19 09:42:23

Love both Emilia and Ruby. Slight preference Emilia x

daisypond Sun 20-Oct-19 09:46:50

Ruby. I’m not keen on Emilia at all.

PreschoolYes Sun 20-Oct-19 09:48:56

Emilia definitely.

UserPop Sun 20-Oct-19 09:50:55

Ruby, not a fan of Emilia

JessicaRarebit Sun 20-Oct-19 09:51:35

Vote for Ruby (biased because my dd is Ruby!).

CurlyJB88 Sun 20-Oct-19 09:52:43

Ruby! smile

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sun 20-Oct-19 10:08:17

I love Emilia. However I don’t think it goes with Allen. I’m Not that fussed on Ruby, but It’s a nice name and goes great with Allen. However Ruby Allen is a character from Eastenders if that bothers you

HollyBen Sun 20-Oct-19 10:12:48

I prefer Emilia though I like Ruby too. I do know lots of Ruby's if that is a concern

Frlrlrubert Sun 20-Oct-19 11:42:44


The 'Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby -Ahahaa' thing would annoy me.

Plus I teach two and they are both horrors.

Sparklypurpleunicornsaremyfav Sun 20-Oct-19 12:04:01

Emilia definitely

ilovemykids5 Sun 20-Oct-19 12:34:52

Love Ruby
Really dislike Emilia

Peachbubble Sun 20-Oct-19 13:06:34


Windydaysuponus Sun 20-Oct-19 13:08:14

My dd is Ruby Amelia!!

Ellmau Sun 20-Oct-19 17:21:46


LouiseLouisa87 Sun 20-Oct-19 17:40:18

Definitely Ruby

MrsNoMopp Sun 20-Oct-19 18:23:42


Beacauseisaidso Sun 20-Oct-19 18:25:56

Emilia - v pretty

Bigearringsbigsmile Sun 20-Oct-19 18:28:10


Roselilly36 Sun 20-Oct-19 18:29:32

I like both names, great choices OP. I know a lovely Ruby, who is just an adorable little girl.

Courtney555 Sun 20-Oct-19 18:35:17

Ruby is nicer, but DS has two in his class alone, so you need to be prepared for her to be "Ruby A" to distinguish her from the others, it's really popular where we are. There are a couple in the year above I believe too.

He's also in a year with "Connor M", "Connor C" "Connor J" and "Connor P" grin

1066vegan Sun 20-Oct-19 18:36:04

Both very pretty. I also like Amelia.

mapleleafshiba Sun 20-Oct-19 18:40:10

I love Emilia so would definitely go for that. Emilia Robyn is our name if we have a DD so I'm a bit biased though wink

Lobsterquadrille2 Sun 20-Oct-19 19:04:09


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