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Boy name Stanlee?

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OB30 Sun 20-Oct-19 06:40:25

Ok so really easy what do you think?
Obviously like Stanley...but spelt Stanlee like the guy who wrote all the marvel comics.

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BinkyandBunty Sun 20-Oct-19 06:41:36


KatherineJaneway Sun 20-Oct-19 06:42:10


GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Sun 20-Oct-19 06:43:00

No. The man who wrote the Marvel comics was called Stan Lee. First name Stan. Last name Lee.

If you want to call your child Stanley, spell it properly.

MrsBertBibby Sun 20-Oct-19 06:44:46


SerafinaPekkalasbroomstick Sun 20-Oct-19 06:46:30

It sounds exactly the same so why not make easier and spell it properly?

Mumof21989 Sun 20-Oct-19 06:49:31

I would spell it Stanley. But your his mummy and it's about what you like flowers

OB30 Sun 20-Oct-19 06:50:48

Hum so far not popular then! My husband likes the different spelling I guess cos of its link to marvel.

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Twooter Sun 20-Oct-19 06:50:58

No. Please no.

SnuggyBuggy Sun 20-Oct-19 06:51:02

I'm not a huge fan of made up spellings. How about first name Stanley and middle name Lee?

TheCatInAHat Sun 20-Oct-19 06:51:53

It’s not nice at all.

BanKittenHeels Sun 20-Oct-19 06:52:03

Just awful.

8by8 Sun 20-Oct-19 06:52:24

Terrible sorry.

OB30 Sun 20-Oct-19 06:54:49

Good to know! My other names I like are, Robin and Marco

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SubmersibleSandwich Sun 20-Oct-19 07:12:02

It's fine if you spell it Stanley.

I like Robin more, as long as your surname isn't Banks wink

sashh Sun 20-Oct-19 07:31:35

I know a cat called Stan Lee, if you must use it do but make it 2 words.

AdriannaP Sun 20-Oct-19 07:33:31

Please don’t. Poor child.

Go with Robin or Marco.

Toojudgypants Sun 20-Oct-19 07:34:12

Robin is way better.

CodenameVillanelle Sun 20-Oct-19 07:36:28

But your his mummy and it's about what you like flowers

Actually it should be about what it will be like for a child to grow up with that name. Naming a child isn't just a bit of fun or an ego trip for 'mummy'.

Stanlee looks stupid, it looks like you don't know how to spell and he will he correcting people his whole life. Don't be selfish.

soupmaker Sun 20-Oct-19 07:53:45

Stanley, I like. Why do people fuck about with the spelling of names? Just spell it properly. Never mind trying to be "yoonique".

Fruityb Sun 20-Oct-19 07:56:04

The name is Stanley. Stan Lee’s name was Stan. Call him Stan if you want.

I hate the thing for spelling names like that - I know a Emma Lee, a Char Lee (that one is fucking stupid as Char isn’t a name) and a Ash-Lee. Writing reports as a teacher is a pain in the arse. Just spell it like it’s supposed to be lol.

NoSauce Sun 20-Oct-19 07:57:20

And I thought Stanley was bad enough.

BertrandRussell Sun 20-Oct-19 07:58:42

“ But your his mummy and it's about what you like flowers”
This really is utter bollocks!

daisypond Sun 20-Oct-19 07:58:49


MistyMinge2 Sun 20-Oct-19 07:58:57

No no no

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