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Page 2 | A brother for Hamish?

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fairybeagle Sat 19-Oct-19 16:34:26

Baby boy names that go with Hamish please smile

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daisypond Sun 20-Oct-19 14:58:56


Astronica Mon 21-Oct-19 01:13:57

No new ones but I do love Fergus from your list.

Gingerkittykat Mon 21-Oct-19 01:44:53

Angus, not inspired by the goldfish Hamish and Angus who met an unfortunate end at the paws of my kitty when I was 10.

I'm assuming you want another Scottish name?

rededucator Mon 21-Oct-19 01:46:54

Lachlan please!

ObtuseTriangle Mon 21-Oct-19 01:47:14

Hamish and Andy

rededucator Mon 21-Oct-19 01:47:16

*Lochlan (autocorrect)

rededucator Mon 21-Oct-19 01:48:26

Ruaridh would also be gorgeous

Jossina Mon 21-Oct-19 04:49:23


fairybeagle Mon 21-Oct-19 21:40:09

Oh so many lovely names. Not necessarily looking for another Scottish name but the ones that go nicely do tend to be Scottish.

Love Ewan! Hadn't thought of that.

Also now like Lochlan and Fergus more with the positive feedback 😊

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