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mumofnoahandjacob Sat 19-Oct-19 13:22:39

So I'm having a massive wobble over the name Matilda. My son's keep saying "Tilda" not Matilda! Its making me really doubt using the name as prefer names that can't be easily shortened.
The only other name I've loved is Harper.

I dont like names that are too "out there" or "uncommon". Would prefer not to have another biblical name (Noah and Jacob picked because I loved them, not because they biblical). And preferably something that can't be easily shortened.
I have thought of Pippa and Freya but again not sure.

Please help and throw me some names!

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mumofnoahandjacob Sat 19-Oct-19 16:34:05

Thank you for all the suggestions.
Im drawn to Sophia but prefer Sofia spelling.
It would be nice if I don't use Matilda as first name to use as middle name. But don't think two names end in A really work.
Do also like Juliet but not sure if its a bit too uncommon?

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NoSauce Sat 19-Oct-19 16:40:47

Juliet is nice too.

I don’t normally like to A ending names but Matilda Sophia is really lovely.

userabcname Sat 19-Oct-19 16:43:50

I think Sophia is lovely and I love Juliet.

mumofnoahandjacob Sat 19-Oct-19 17:43:57

Thank you ladies. At the minute these ones are standing out to me:


Unsure whether to keep Matilda or not. Or whether to use as a middle name.

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mumofnoahandjacob Sat 19-Oct-19 17:46:43

Also Freya but not sure about the meaning of Freya.

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busymummy19 Sat 19-Oct-19 17:56:37

Neve/ Niamh

I'm not a huge fan of Matilda or Martha. Actually like Tilly though.

mumofnoahandjacob Sat 19-Oct-19 20:02:42

Is Aria too close in sound to Noah? Pronounced Ahh-ree-ah as in the music. Its a really pretty name.

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NoSauce Sat 19-Oct-19 20:08:27

Nah. Aria is naff.

user1493494961 Sat 19-Oct-19 20:36:24

Agree, Aria is well naff.

Moana123 Sat 19-Oct-19 20:43:46


Mandatorymongoose Sat 19-Oct-19 21:00:02


CharitySchmarity Sat 19-Oct-19 21:03:48

I'm assuming your son is quite little now and would have trouble saying any long name. That doesn't mean you'd be stuck with Tilda for life. I have a very good friend called Maria and my DS called her just "ia" when he was a toddler, but he started saying Maria when he was physically able to. Don't let this issue put you off Matilda if you love it. For what it's worth, I've known Matildas who are always called Matilda, some who are always called Tilly and one who was Matty - but they were called by the version they introduced themselves by and their parents told the school was their "preferred name." You do get to exercise some control over this.

I quite like Freya and Juliet, but I personally wouldn't use the same initial for two children's first names. Matilda Juliet and Freya Juliet both sound quite harmonious to me!

kazza446 Sat 19-Oct-19 21:09:23

I know you said you don’t really want biblical names, but what about Ester or Evelyn? Both beautiful names x

NameChange30 Sat 19-Oct-19 21:12:09


Whatever you choose, please not Harper!

33goingon64 Sat 19-Oct-19 21:13:21

I know a Noah and an Isaac who have a sister Xanthe

RedSoloCup Sat 19-Oct-19 21:13:34



I have a Holly she is lovely ❤️

Hydrogenbeatsoxygen Sat 19-Oct-19 21:15:03

I love Rebecca with your other names.

HuntingCuns Sat 19-Oct-19 21:21:28

Anything but Harper.

OP, any name can be shortened. My DD (DC5) has a very long and unusual full name (never mentioned on MN, thank God). However, she is only ever known by a shortened version. At home, she is known as Poot. Some things are beyond our influence.

Harper, though, is a bad name. Any 'proper' girls' name would be fine. That gives you an awful lot of names to choose from.

Troels Sat 19-Oct-19 21:31:07

As soon as I read the title I said Matilda.
The only Matilda I know is shortened to Matty by the family.

FabLaura Sat 19-Oct-19 21:31:30


Benjispruce Sat 19-Oct-19 21:34:35

Biblical names are your thing. Rebecca? Mary? Elizabeth? Redspider1

Benjispruce Sat 19-Oct-19 21:36:13

I think Freya is Norse/Viking.

Benjispruce Sat 19-Oct-19 21:36:42

I know a Tilly, short for Matilda.

zsazsajuju Sat 19-Oct-19 21:37:09


Benjispruce Sat 19-Oct-19 21:38:35

Red Tent? @zsa I couldn’t think of the name, thanks.

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